Bing Athens Quiz

1. What is the name of the most well-known temple mount in Athens?

a. Acropolis

b. Plate Mountain

c. Philosopher’s Hill

2. Which of these following forms of government that was first introduced in the city state of Athens?

a. Fascism

b. Democracy

c. Oligarchy

d. Monarchy

e. Communism

3. What is the name of the tallest building in Athens?

a. Athens Tower

b. Parthenon

c. National Bank of Greece

4. When did the first modern Olympic Games take place in Athens?

a. A.D. 1896

b. A.D. 1500

c. 504 B.C.

5. Athens is named as the third capital of the modern Greek state. What was the second one?

a. Mykonos

b. Nafplion

c. Thessaloniki

6. Where are the Elgin Marbles in the early 19th century called Acropolis treasures that were removed by the Lord Thomas Elgin now?

a. Louvre

b. British Museum

c. New Acropolis Museum

7. Which was the name of one of the great ancestors of Theseus?

a. Eurystheus

b. Pelops

c. Achilles

d. Hector

e. Agamemnon

8. What is the name of the body of water that separates the Greek peninsula from Asia Minor?

a. Ionian Sea

b. Black Sea

c. Aegean Sea

d. Mediterranean Sea

9. What is the name of the highest point of the Acropolis?

a. Altar of Athena

b. Parthenon

c. Temple of Athena Nike

10. What could the citizens in the assembly do to express their opinion on issues concerning their city?

a. Draw straws

b. Be a part of the senate

c. Vote

d. Declare war on a neighboring city state

11. What was the reason behind Solon dividing the Athenians into four social classes?

a. Solon wanted to punish the people.

b. Solon wanted to give the poor more power.

c. Solon wanted to give himself more power.

d. Solon wanted to reduce the power of the wealthy.

e. Solon wanted to gain support from other states.

12. What is the name of the ancient goddess that gave the Greek capital its name?

a. Athena

b. Artemis

c. Aphrodite

13. When did the first modern Olympic Games take place in the Panathenaic Stadium, Athens?

a. 1936

b. 1900

c. 1896

14. How many people does Athens currently have?

a. Around 1.5 million

b. Around 3.5 million

c. Around 5 million

15. What is the popular thing on a Greek mesedes appetizer platter?

a. Gyros with French fries

b. Souvlaki with fried potatoes

c. Tzatziki, peppers, tomatoes, feta

16. Who was the patron god or goddess of the city of Athens?

a. Ares

b. Hera

c. Athena

d. Zeus

e. Demeter

17. What was the Acropolis intended for?

a. As a place to watch theatre

b. As a place to worship the gods

c. As a center for the Greek government

d. As a center of commerce and trade

18. Which was the place that was used as the center of commerce and government in Athens?

a. The Theatre

b. The Acropolis

c. The Parthenon

d. The Strategeion

e. The Agora

19. Who led Athens during its golden age as the center of Ancient Greek civilization?

a. Plato

b. Homer

c. Pericles

d. Odysseus

e. Alexander the Great

20. What is the name of the building located at the center of the Acropolis that was dedicated to the goddess Athena?

a. The Parthenon

b. The Agora

c. The Theatre

d. The Erchtheum

e. The Arrephorion

21. About how far back do historians have recorded history about the city of Athens?

a. 10,000 years

b. 6,000 years

c. 3,400 years

d. 2,500 years

e. 1,000 years

22. Which Greek god and the patron of the theatre was used to name the biggest theatre on the slope of the Acropolis?

a. Apollo

b. Hermes

c. Zeus

d. Athena

e. Dionysus

23. Where was the thing known as Acropolis located?

a. Between Athens and Sparta

b. On the hill at the center of the city

c. Just outside the city walls

d. North of the city of Athens on the top of the Olympus

e. In the valley on the south side of the city

24. Which of the following statements can describe the best about the Age of Pericles?

a. A time when art and democracy flourished

b. A time when Sparta ruled over Athens

c. A time when Athens was poor and fragile

d. A time when Athens was under the power of the Tyrants

e. A time before the democracy and the theatre came to Athens

25. What did most men do in Ancient Athens?

a. Raised their kids

b. Went out to socialize

c. Overseeing the crops and doing the other jobs

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