Bing Bears Quiz

Bing Bears Quiz

1. Where do bears usually live?

a. Along the equator
b. South of the equator
c. North of the equator

2. Which one is not a species of bear?

a. Sun bear
b. Panda bear
c. Teddy bear
d. North American black bear

3. Which one only eats meat?

a. Sloth bear
b. Sun bear
c. Polar bear
d. Asiatic black bear

4. What is the name of the biggest species of bear?

a. Andean bear
b. Polar bear
c. North American brown bear
d. Malayan sun bear

5. What is the name of the smaller kind of bear?

a. Brown bear
b. Sloth bear
c. Malayan sun bear
d. Giant panda

6. What is the strongest sense that bear has?

a. Smell
b. Sight
c. Hearing

7. What is the favorite food of the sloth bear?

a. Sandwich
b. Banana
c. Picnic
d. Termite

8. How far can the polar bear swim without getting a rest?

a. 2 miles
b. 15 miles
c. 60 miles
d. 100 miles

9. What kind of bear is Paddington?

a. Asian black bear
b. Brown bear
c. Spectacled bear
d. Marmaladus bear

10. Which part of the bear’s body that is unprotected from the bee stings?

a. Its ears
b. Its fingers
c. Its nose

11. What differs the sun bears from the other ones?

a. They have red fur.
b. They have a distinctive marking on their chest.
c. They have very shaggy fur.

12. Which one is the most common bear species in North America?

a. Black bears
b. Grizzly bears
c. Brown bears

13. How heavy do the black bear cubs when they are born?

a. 1 pound
b. 5 pounds
c. 10 pounds

14. What is the color of the glacier bear?

a. Grey
b. White
c. Blue

15. What is the reason for the grizzly bears to be called grizzly?

a. They drool a lot.
b. They get angry quickly.
c. They have grizzled colored fur.

16. How much food do the grizzly bears eat each day in the summer?

a. 40 pounds
b. 60 pounds
c. 80 pounds

17. How does a grizzly bear live?

a. In packs
b. Alone
c. With their friend

18. What is the thing that can make the grizzly bears together?

a. Danger
b. Birth
c. Salmon

19. How many fish can be caught by a Kodiak mother bear in one hour?

a. 10
b. 15
c. 25

20. Which one is the feature that the polar bears have to prevent them from slipping on the ice?

a. Bristles on their feet
b. Webbed feet
c. Sharp claws

21. Where do the polar bears usually live?

a. At the South Pole
b. In the Arctic region
c. At the North Pole

22. Which skill that the polar bears have that no other bears do not?

a. Swimming
b. Hunting
c. Running

23. What makes the polar bears keep warm?

a. A thick layer of fat under their skin
b. Their hair mats when wet to keep the water out
c. Both options mentioned above

24. Which one is the favorite food of the polar bear?

a. Ringed seal
b. Salmon
c. Berries

25. Which special mechanism do sloth bears have to keep them to eat termites?

a. A large snout
b. A hollowed mouth roof
c. Sticky saliva

26. Spectacled bears are known as a pest for farmers because they love to eat fruits. However, they are also useful for some reasons. Which of these followings is true?

a. They do not leave a mess.
b. They eat bugs.
c. They spread seeds.

27. What is the name of the popular Japanese bear?

a. Rilakkuma
b. Korilakumma
c. Rickmanswortheji
d. Roberto-san

28. What is the name of the bear from the Muppets?

a. Foz
b. Fozzie
c. Fozzo
d. Fozzletron

29. What is the name of the panda from the popular movie named Avatar: The last Airbender?

a. Bibi
b. Henlo
c. Hei Bai
d. Hey Yah

30. What kind of bear is the one from The Jungle Book named Baloo?

a. Sun bear
b. Sloth bear
c. Grizzly bear
d. Polar bear

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