Bing Bridges Quiz Answers

1. Picturesque Bow Bridge is part of which famous urban Park?

a. Central Park
b. Hyde Park
c. Griffith Park

The answer is a. Central Park

2. One of these movies did not film scenes at Central Park. Which is it?

a. Cloverfield
b. The Emoji Movie
c. Spiderman 3

The answer is b. The Emoji Movie

3. Which one is a suspension bridge?

a. Golden Gate Bridge
b. London Bridge
c. Sydney Harbour Bridge
d. The Iron Bridge

The answer is a. Golden Gate Bridge

4. The card game, Bridge, is closest related to which of the following card games?

a. Whist
b. Poker
c. Klondike
d. Gim Rummy

The answer is a. Whist

5. Who recorded The ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ song?

a. Aretha Franklin
b. LeAnn Rimes
c. Simon & Garfunkel
d. Whitney Houston

The answer is c. Simon & Garfunkel

6. A bridge can be found as a primary structural component inside which of these transportation methods?

a. Aeroplane
b. Ship
c. Car
d. Bicycle

The answer is b. Ship

7. What is the name of the bridge which is named after a famous British General which crosses the Jordan river between Israel and Jordan?

a. Allenby
b. Wellington
c. Lawrence
d. Haig

The answer is a. Allenby

8. The Victoria Falls Bridge spectacularly links Zambia and Zimbabwe, but which river stretches?

a. Zambezi
b. Niger
c. Nile
d. Limpopo

The answer is a. Zambezi

9. Until the 19th century, what is the river that crosses Venice?

a. Ponte degli Scalzi
b. Ponte della Costituzione
c. Ponte dell’Accademia
d. Rialto Bridge

The answer is d. Rialto Bridge

10. The George Washington Bridge in New York City was the longest suspension bridge in the USA. True or False?

a. True
b. False

The answer is a. True

11. The first arch bridge in the world which was built at Coalbrookdale in Shropshire, England in 1779 was one of the icons of the early part of the Industrial Revolution. Who built it?

a. Abraham Darby II
b. Isambard Kingdom Brunel
c. Abraham Darby III
d. Abraham Darby I

The answer is c. Abraham Darby III

12. The world’s longest suspension bridge at 2220m for a long time is the Humber bridge in the UK. However, in 1998, Japan smashed that record by having the Akashi-Kaikyo bridge which has a total length of 3911m. Which cities does it connect?

a. Fukuoka and Yamaguchi
b. Tokyo and Yokohama
c. Kobe and Iwaya
d. Osaka and Kobe

The answer is c. Kobe and Iwaya

13. There are many river crossings which connect Manhattan to Brooklyn in New York City. Which of these four bridges (to Brooklyn) was completed first?

a. Manhattan Bridge
b. George Washington Bridge
c. Williamsburg Bridge
d. Brooklyn Bridge

The answer is d. Brooklyn Bridge

14. What is the name of bridges as the world’s widest long-span bridge with a roadway of 49m which first opened for traffic in 1932 and adorned with the Olympic Rings during the 2000 Olympics?

a. Golden Gate Bridge
b. Humber Bridge
c. Brooklyn Bridge
d. Sydney Harbour Bridge

The answer is d. Sydney Harbour Bridge

15. Which famous aqueduct was built by Romans near Nimes in the South of France sometime before AD 100 ?

a. Barbegal
b. Valens
c. Eifel
d. Pont du Gard

The answer is c. Eifel

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