Bing Golf Quiz Answers

1. What popular body of water guards the 12th Hole at Augusta National?

a. Indian Brook
b. Lake Jones
c. Rae’s Creek
d. Dunbar Pond

The answer is c. Rae’s Creek

2. Who was a 67-years old senior when he made the cut at a PGA Tournament in 1979?

a.Ben Hogan
b. Jack Nicklaus
c. Lee Trevino
d. Sam Snead

The answer is d. Sam Snead

3. Who was named College Golfer of the Year while at the University of Arizona in 1991?

a. Annika Sorenstam
b. Dottie Pepper
c. Jane Crafter
d. Kelly Robbins

The answer is a. Annika Sorenstam

4. In golf’s modified Stableford scoring system, how many points does a birdie earn?

a. 1
b. -1
c. 2
d. It depends on what par is

The answer is c. 2

5. Who made the first hole-in-one on a Par-4 in PGA history in 2001?

a. Lleyton Hewitt
b. Andrew Magee
c. John Huston
d. Tiger Woods

The answer is b. Andrew Magee

6. Which eccentric professional golfer is known for eating volcano sand?

a. Gary McCord
b. John Daly
c. Ian Woosnam
d. Jesper Parnevik

The answer is d. Jesper Parnevik

7. Golf sensation Tiger Woods left which University to turn pro in 1996?

a. Stanford
c. Princeton
d. Wake Forest

The answer is a. Stanford

8. A golfer celebrated his 1982 tournament players win by jumping into a water hazard, who is he?

a. Johnny Miller
b. Jerry Pate
c. Jack Nicklaus
d. Jeff Sluman

The answer is b. Jerry Pate

9. The son of what famous entertainer won the 1981 U.S. Amateur Golf Championship?

a. Bing Crosby
b. Perry Como
c. Dean Martin
d. Bob Hope

The answer is a. Bing Crosby

10. Spectators at Augusta National who view the Masters are called what?

a. Commoners
b. Patrons
c. Fans
d. Invitees

The answer is b. Patrons

True/False Quizzes

1. St. Andrew’s set the standard for size of the hole (4.5 inches) and number of holes in a round (18).

The answer is False

2. Golf balls move significantly further on hot days than on cold days.

The answer is True

3. The word caddie originated from Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, the French explorer.

The answer is False

4. 80% of golf players will never play to a handicap of less than 18.

The answer is True

5. Golf is never played on the moon.

The answer is True

6. The word “golf” originally comes from the acronym “Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden.”

The answer is False

7. Golfers commonly use a small pile of sand before the use of tees.

The answer is True

8. Two men have won an event on the LPGA Tour.

The answer is True

9. Four women have won an event on the PGA Tour.

The answer is True

10. The Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrew’s in Scotland is the oldest golf course in the world.

The answer is False

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Open Ended Quizzes

  1. Where is the home of golf?

The answer is St Andrews

  1. Who is The Golden Bear?

The answer is Jack Nicklaus

  1. PGA stands for?

The answer is Professional Golfers’ Association

  1. The oldest golf club in England is…?

The answer is Royal Blackheath, Kent

  1. Where does former Open winner Paul Lawrie come from?

The answer is Scotland

  1. A player will win a green jacket in which tournament?

The answer is US Masters

  1. Who is nicknamed ‘The Great White Shark’?

The answer is Greg Norman

  1. What is the women’s equivalent of the Ryder Cup?

The answer is Curtis Cup

  1. In the United States, what is a bunker known as?

The answer is Trap

  1. Tiger Woods won his first Open Championship in which year?

The answer is in 2000

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