Bing Mixed Education Quiz Answers

1. Welcome to Nuuk, the capital of which nation?

a. Lapland
b. Finland
c. Greenland

Answer: C. Greenland

2. Who were the first human inhabitants of Greenland?

a. Danish settlers
b. Paleo-Eskimo peoples
c. Vikings

Answer: b. Paleo-Eskimo peoples

3. In the autumn, Greenlanders may harvest Empetrum, a fruit known as …

a. Blueberries
b. Crowberries
c. Arctic apples

Answer: B. Crowberries

4. There is a photo of a monument. The monument honors Jean Sibelius. Who was that?

a. Composer
b. Firefighter
c. Chef

Answer: A. Composer

5. The Sibelius Monument is found in the capital of Finland, which is …?

a. Copenhagen
b. Oslo
c. Helsinki

Answer: C. Helsinki

6. Members of what cello metal group studied at Sibelius Academy?

a. Apocalyptica
b. What’s cello metal?
C. Apollo

Answer: A. Apocalyptica

7. Part of the clouds to see the Huangshan Mountain range, which is in …

a. Brazil
b. China
c. Hong Kong

Answer: B. China

8. What notable feature distinguishes the Huangshan pine tree?

a. It appears to grow from rocks
b. It grows at high altitudes
c. Both are correct

Answer: C. Both are correct

9. What description is given to a type of tofu served in this region?

a. Haunted
b. Stinky
c. Jerked

Answer: b. Stinky

10. Which of these types of tree keeps its leaves year-round?

a. Typha
b. Spodosol
c. Coniferous
d. Deciduous

Answer: C. Coniferous

11. What is the most poisonous tree in the world?

a. Bristlecone pine
b. Manchineel
c. Sequoia
d. Aspen

Answer: b. Manchineel

12. Can you mention what is the name for the scientific method of dating tree rings?

a. Geochronology
b. Biostratigraphy
c. Chronostratigraphy
d. Dendrochronology

Answer: d. Dendrochronology

13. Belmopan is the capital of which country?

a. Nicaragua
b. El Salvador
c. Belize
d. Honduras

Answer: C. Belize

14. Bucharest is located in which part of Romania?

a. Northwest
b. Southwest
c. Southwest
d. Northwest

Answer: B. Southwest

15. Jakarta is the capital of …

a. Italy
b. Israel
c. India
d. Indonesia

Answer: DI. Indonesia

16. What is the capital and largest city of Estonia?

a. Maardu
b. Tapa
c. Tallinn
d. Tartu

Answer: C. Tallinn

17. What is the capital of Australia?

a. Perth
b. Hobart
c. Canberra
d. Sydney

Answer: C. Canberra

18. Lufthansa is an airline based in …

a. Poland
b. Hungary
c. Germany
d. Austria

Answer: C. Germany

19. The Algarve is a region in …

a. France
b. Spain
c. Italy
d. Portugal

Answer: D. Portugal

20. Where does The Volvo Group have its headquarters?

a. Sweden
b. Germany
c. UK
d. France

Answer: A. Sweden

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21. Where is the location of the headquarters of the European Union?

a. Portugal
b. Germany
c. Belgium d. UK

Answer: C. Belgium

22. Which mountain range lies between France and Spain?

a. Himalayas
b. Alps
c. Andes
d. Pyrenees

Answer: D. Pyrenees

23. Data is often collected by carrying out what?

Answer: Survey

24. What is the highest court in the country?

Answer: House of Lords

25. The area around a magnet is called a what?

Answer: Magnetic field

26. Which two substances are used in photosynthesis?

Answer: Carbon dioxide and water

27. In IT, moving between pages using hyperlinks is called what?

Answer: Navigating

28. A plotter produces “Hardcopy”. What does this mean?

Answer: It prints a permanent copy

29. How many syllables are in the word “Capacity”?

Answer: 4

30. The General Strike in 1926 was called by the TUC – what does TUC stand for?

Answer: Trade Union Congress

31. Which river flows through six different European countries?

Answer: Danube

32. What are the lengthwise threads of a woven fabric called?

Answer: Warp

33. Pete’s hourly wage goes up from £7.20 to £7.56. What percentage increase is this?

Answer: 5%

34. Does an orange contain acid?

Answer: Yes

35. What is the largest newspaper format called?

Answer: Broadsheet

36. In Geography terms, what is a “Distributary”?

Answer: Small river branching off main river

37. What does the idiom ‘By the skin of your teeth’ mean?

Answer: Only just

38. A formula in a spreadsheet cell usually starts with which symbol?

Answer: An equals sign =

39. Can you mention the shortest ferry route across the English Channel?

Answer: Dover to Calais

40. The time of a magnet is suspended, it will line up in which direction?

Answer: North-South

41. What does the word ‘texture’ mean?

Answer: The feel, appearance or consistency of a surface

42. Which saw would you utilize to cut wood straight?

Answer: Tenon saw

43. What line on a map connects points of the similar height?

Answer: A contour line

44. What is twice the amount of 345?

Answer: 690

45. What are people who illegally see or change computer systems?

Answer: Hackers

46. Who is the largest religious minority in the UK?

Answer: Muslims

47. What is an “Anemometer” in geography terms?

Answer: A wind gauge

48. What are the adjectives in this sentence: The long transporter delivered the new car today”?

Answer: Long, new

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