Bing News Quiz Answers

1. The NCAA final was won by Baylor , denying Gonzaga an undefeated season. When was the last time a Division I men’s basketball team went undefeated?

a. 1976
b. 1986
c. 1996

Answer: A. 1976

2. Supply chain issues and high demand have caused a shortage of which condiment?

a. Ketchup
b. Mustard
c. Mayonnaise

Answer: A. Ketchup

3. Which company announced it’s shutting down its smartphone business?

a. LG
b. Google
c. Samsung

Answer: A. LG

4. St. Louis elected Tishaura Jones as its first Black female…

a. Mayor
b. Police chief
c. District attorney

Answer: a. Mayor

5. A comic book featuring the debut of which superhero sold for $3.25 million?

a. Batman
b. Superman
c. Wonder Woman

Answer: b. Superman

6. There is a new study which proves that people with what hair color feel less pain?

a. Blond
b. Red
c. Brown

Answer: b. Red

7. What did Los Angeles Angels fans throw on the field during a game against the Houston Astros?

a. Hats
b. Trash cans
c. Hot dogs

Answer: b. Trash can

8. What event did announce that it will be free and virtual this year?

a. Coachella
b. Comic-Con
c. E3

Answer: E3

9. Whose baseball bat sold for $715,000 at auction?

a. Lou Gehrig
b. Hank Aaron
c. Babe Ruth

Answer: a. Lou Gehrig

10. Whose estate is unveiling a previously unreleased album titled ‘Welcome 2 America’?

a. Prince
b. Sharon Jones
c. David Bowie

Answer: a. Prince

11. Which state voted to repeal its official song?

a. Michigan
b. Maryland
c. Montana

Answer: b. Maryland

12. Mount Rushmore was closed because of danger from what?

a. Covid-19
b. Wildfires
c. Earthquake

Answer: b. Wildfires

13. A ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel is being developed for …

a. CBS
b. Broadway
c. Netflix

Answer: b. Broadway

14. For the first time in more than 50 years, the Oscars will not air in …

a. India
b. Hong Kong
c. The UK

Answer: b. Hong Kong

15. What did an Air Force vet from Everett, Washington, receive as a gift from a college buddy?

a. A trip to space
b. A bus ticket out of Everett
c. His own fighter jet

Answer: A. A trip to space

16. Since a Vermont high school was found to be contaminated with toxic chemicals, classes have been held …

a. In a former Macy’s
b. Online
c. At a public park

Answer: A. In a former Macy’s

17. Who will replace Nick Jonas as a coach on ‘The Voice’?

a. Joe Jonas
b. Katy Perry
c. Ariana Grande

Answer: c. Ariana Grande

18. Which team’s plane had to make an emergency landing after it was hit by birds?

a. New Orleans Pelicans
b. Brooklyn Nets
c. Utah Jazz

Answer: C. Utah Jazz

19. China’s biggest maker of SUVs is introducing a vehicle that runs on …

a. Coal
b. Helium
c. Hydrogen

Answer: c. Hydrogen

20. Nike got a restraining order to block the sale of shoes introduced by which recording artist?

a. My Blood Valentine
b. Red Hot Chili Peppers
c. Lil Nas X

Answer: C. Lil Nas X

21. Which chain is giving a free doughnut to anyone with proof of Covid-19 vaccination?

a. Tim Hortons
b. Dunkin’ Donuts
c. Krispy Kreme

Answer: c. Krispy Kreme

22. Prince Harry accepted a new position with …

a. The US government
b. Harpo Productions
c. A tech startup

Answer: A tech startup

23. What did Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sell for $2.9 million?

a. Twitter stock
b. His yacht
c. The first tweet

Answer: C. The first tweet

24. Global shipping has been slowed down by a ship truck in which canal?

a. Panama
b. Suez
c. Erie

Answer: b. Suez

25. Which part of Monopoly is Hasbro modernizing?

a. Community Chest cards
b. Hotels
c. Railroads

Answer: a. Community Chest cards

26. A Virginia school district returned what item to a former student, 70 years after it was lost?

a. Wallet
b. Varsity jacket
c. Book

Answer: a. Wallet

27. A Tennessee man lost a $1 million lottery ticket, and then found it in …

a. His car
b. His wallet
c. A parking lot

Answer: c. A parking lot

28. Some ‘Jeopardy’ fans and past contestants have called for the removal of which guest host?

a. Ken Jennings
b. Mike Richards
c. Dr. Mehmet Oz

Answer: C. Dr. Mehmet Oz

29. Which fast food chain announced it will launch in the UK?

a. Popeyes
b. Chick-fil-A
c. Los Pollos Hermanos

Answer: a. Popeyes

30. A Georgia man feuding with his ex-employer received his final wages in …

a. $2 bills
b. Bitcoin
c. Pennies

Answer: C. Pennies

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