Bing Oscars 2022 Quiz

1. Who did become the second black woman to win Best Actress?

a. Halle Berry
b. Lupita Nyong’o
c. Cynthia Erivo

The answer is Cynthia Erivo

2. Who is the songwriter nominated for Best Original Song for a tune featured in a biopic about him?

a. Freddie Mercury
b. Billy Joel
c. Elton John

The answer is c. Elton John

3. Who is an actress nominated for two acting Oscars?

a. Margot Robbie
b. Adam Driver
c. Scarlett Johansson

The answer is c. Scarlett Johansson

4. Which mega-blockbuster series is up for Best Visual Effects?

a. Star Wars
b. Avengers
c. Both are correct

The answer is c. Both are correct

5. Who is the retired star for the Best Supporting Actor?

a. Joe Pesci
b. Gene Hackman
c. Randy Quaid

The answer is a. Joe Pesci

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6. What film was not nominated for Best Animated Feature?

a. Klaus
b. The Lion King
c. Missing Link

The answer is b. The Lion King

7. Who filmmaker was not the five nominated for Best Director?

a. Martin Scorsese
b. Greta Gerwig
c. Todd Phillips

The answer is b. Greta Gerwig

8. Which Best Picture contender is also up for the Best International Feature Film?

a. Jojo Rabbit
b. Parasite
c. 1917

The answer is b. Parasite

9. Which villain was Joaquin Phoenix played with the result that he earned a Best Actor nomination?

a. Dr. Doom
b. Loki
c. The Joker

The answer is c. The Joker

10. What made the film ‘1917’ a Best Cinematography nomination?

a. Filmed in night vision
b. Appears as one continuous shot
c. Shot with antique cameras

The answer is b. Appears as one continuous shot

11. When was the first Oscars Award held?

a. 1928
b. 1929
c. 1930
d. 1931

The answer is b. 1929

12. What organizations are the Oscars awards?

a. American Film Institute
b. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
c. American Academy Of State & Screen
d. Screen Actors Guild

The answer is b. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

13. What year were Academy Awards first broadcast in color?

a. 1951
b. 1956
c. 1961
d. 1966

The answer is d. 1966

14. Who was the first actor/actress to win four Oscars?

a. Meryl Streep
b. Katharine Hepburn
c. Jack Nicholson
d. Marlon Brando

The answer is b. Katharine Hepburn

15. What companies have worked for the Oscars Awards since 1934 to tabulate the Oscar votes and ensure the confidentiality of the results?

a. Lehman Brothers
b. Ernst & Young
c. J.P. Morgan
d. Price Waterhouse

The answer is d. Price Waterhouse

16. What movie won the very first Oscars Award for Best Picture?

a. Citizen Kane
b. The Circus
c. Wings
d. All Quiet On The Western Front

The answer is c. Wings

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