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1. Which one is the definition of recycling?

a. Getting new clothes
b. Throwing items in the garbage can
c. Selling items
d. Gathering and using materials to make something new

2. Can aluminum cans be recycled?

a. Yes
b. No

3. Are wine bottles included as the things that can be recycled?

a. Yes
b. No

4. Which one of these followings goes into the green bin?

a. Plastic waste
b. Metal waste
c. Steel waste
d. Food and garden waste

5. Which one of these followings can be recycled?

a. Food
b. Video tapes
c. Ceramics
d. Plastic bottles and paper bag

6. Which of these followings cannot be recycled?

a. Glass
b. Tin foil
c. Used pizza boxes
d. Batteries

7. What is the advantage of recycling?

a. Less pollution
b. Fewer resources are taken from earth
c. There is less trash filling up landfills
d. All of the things that are mentioned above

8. What is the name of the country that banned the imports of the foreign garbage in 2017?

a. Japan
b. China
c. Germany
d. Australia

9. What does MRF stand for in the world of recycling?

a. Materials Recovery Facility
b. Materials Research Foundation
c. Motorcycle Riders Foundation
d. No one of the thing above

10. If you recycle a ton of paper, how many trees are saved?

a. Between 1-2 trees
b. Between 7-8 trees
c. Between 10-12 trees
d. Between 15-17 trees

11. Which one is something that can be recycled into fibers for carpets or clothing?

a. Aluminum cans
b. Computers
c. Plastic bottles
d. All of them

12. Can the shopping bags be recycled?

a. Yes
b. No

13. Which one is the common mistake of recycling?

a. Putting pizza boxes in the recycling
b. Putting recyclable items in the general rubbish bin
c. Putting the recycling in the plastic bags and then putting them in the recycling bin

14. Do the boxes of pizza go in the paper bin?

a. Yes
b. No

15. How long can you run a TV by recycling just one aluminum can?

a. 3 hours
b. 6 hours
c. 9 hours
d. 12 hours

16. Which one is not used to generate electricity in the United Kingdom?

a. Perfume
b. Solar power
c. Human waste
d. Hydropower

17. How long does it take for a single aluminum to decompose?

a. 20 to 40 years
b. 60 to 80 years
c. 80 to 100 years
d. 100 to 120 years

18. Which of these followings is not an ingredient in manufacturing glass bottles?

a. Dirt
b. Sand
c. Soda ash
d. Limestone

19. What is the name of the source that most of the energy that is used on earth today originally came from?

a. Air
b. Soil
c. Oceans
d. The sun

20. Which one of these followings does not save the energy in your home?

a. Leaving lights on in only the rooms that you are moving between
b. Turning off all the lights when you are not in the room
c. Turning off and unplugging all the appliances when they are not in use
d. Turning all the appliances to stand by when they are not in use

21. Recycling glass is commonly sorted by color. Which color is not common for sorting?

a. Brown
b. Green
c. Clear
d. Blue

22. How do you dispose your trash?

a. Reusing plastic bags that you get from the supermarket
b. Bio-degradable bags
c. Composting and recycling to reduce the amount of trash that you have to dispose, and then put the rest into the biodegradable trash bags

23. Which one goes to the yellow recycle bin?

a. Household waste
b. Glass bottles and jars
c. Paper, cardboard
d. Plastic bottles, milk and juice cartons

24. Which one consists of the requirements to make recycled paper?

a. 4-5 sheets of newspaper, cold water, a glass bowl
b. 4-5 sheets of newspaper, hot water, a glass bowl

25. What are the 3R stands for?

a. Rewrite, Rewind, Respond
b. Redirect, Rude, Round
c. Respectful, Responsible, Right
d. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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