Bing Siberia Quiz Answers

        The mountain range which divides European Russia from Siberia is …

a. Carpathians
b. Pamirs
c. Urals
d. Sayan mountains

Answer: c. Urals

Because of the building of the Trans-Siberian railway line, Siberia was opened up largely. From … Moscow railway station, the Trans-Siberian trains depart.

a. Belorussky station
b. Yaroslavsky station
c. Kievsky station
d. Pavelyetsky station

Answer: b. Yaroslavsky station

The remoteness of Siberia has made it a favoured place of exile throughout the history of Russia. In which Siberian city was Dostoyevsky exiled for four years?

a. Irkutsk
b. Omsk
c. Yekaterinburg
d. Tobolsk

Answer: b. Omsk

The name of the world’s largest freshwater lake in the eastern Siberia is …

a. Lake Ladoga
b. Lake Issyk-Kul
c. Lake Baikal
d. Lake Balaton

Answer: c. Lake Baikal.

Lake Baikal is home to a lot of species of plant and animal which are found nowhere else on earth. The name of a fish which locals consider a tasty delicacy is …

a. Omul
b. Pike
c. Sturgeon
d. Golomanka

Answer: a. Omul

There was a group of noblemen who revolted against the Tsar in December 1825. The uprising was suppressed and a lot of its instigators exiled to Irkutsk in Eastern Siberia. The group was known as …

a. Decembrist
b. Bolsheviks
c. Whites
d. Republicans

Answer: a. Decembrist

Vast swathes of mainly coniferous forest covers much of Siberia. In Russia, it is called …

a. tundra
b. steppes
c. permafrost
d. taiga

Answer: d. taiga

Throughout Siberia, there were a lot of the most notorious Soviet labour-camps. In which area did thousands of prisoners die in the gold and uranium mines?

a. Kamchatka Peninsula
b. Kolyma Peninsula
c. Yakutia
d. Vorkuta

Answer: b. Kolyma Peninsula

In 1918, Tsar Nicholas II and his family were killed by Bolshevik revolutionaries in a Western Siberian city which was subsequently named after the official who ordered their execution. Then, after the fall of the Soviet Union, it reverted to its revolutionary name. What is it?

a. Krasnoyarsk
b. Yekaterinburg
c. Omsk
d. Bratsk

Answer: b. Yekaterinburg

The name of the largest river in Russia in volume which is 4129 kilometers long where the Eastern Siberia city of Krasnoyarsk stands on it is …

a. Yenisei
b. Angara
c. Irtysh
d. Lena

Answer: a. Yenisei

Siberia takes almost all of the northern part of the continent namely …

a. Asia
b. Europe
c. North America
d. Antarctica

Answer: a. Asia

From the option below, which one is not a natural resource Siberia is known for?

a. coal
b. petroleum
c. natural gas
d. farmland

Answer: d. farmland

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