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Q1. What is one reason to click Object > Text Frame Options?

  •  to change the number of columns in a text frame
  •  to apply a drop shadow to the frame
  •  to change the corners of a frame from corner to rounded
  •  to change the fill and stroke of a text frame

Q2. Which panel allows you to add an arrowhead to the end of a line?

  •  Effects
  •  Stroke
  •  Transform
  •  Pathfinder

Q3. In the image shown, what do you know about the Body Text paragraph style?

Linkedin Adobe Indesign Assessment Answers

  •  The selected text was not formatted using the style definition.
  •  The selected text is in overset text outside the boundaries of the current frame.
  •  The style has been applied to two or more paragraphs.
  •  The style has been added since the master styles were created.

Q4. You want to ensure that an image on your page is exactly 25% of its original size. How can you determine whether the image is set to the desired size?

  •  Double-click the image with the Selection tool.
  •  Select the graphic frame with the Selection tool.
  •  Click Window > Info.
  •  Click Object > Fitting.

Q5. You have an empty one-page InDesign document. You have used File > Place to select a Word document that contains many pages of text. What will help you place the full story quickly?

  •  Select Show Import Options in the Place dialog box.
  •  Right-click the page with the place cursor.
  •  Shift-click with the place cursor inside the margin guides.
  •  In the Pages panel, click the New Pages button with the place cursor.

Q6. You select a graphic frame that contains a Photoshop image and use the Scale field in the Control panel to enlarge it to 200%. What happens to the effective image resolution?

  •  The resolution doubles.
  •  Effective image resolution stays the same until you choose from the View > Display Performance menu.
  •  Effective image resolution is set in Photoshop, not in InDesign, so it stays the same.
  •  Correct The resolution is cut in half.

Source: LinkedIn assessment practice mode

Q7. What is one reason you might want to use the Text Variables feature?

  •  to create captions underneath images that update automatically
  •  to include calculations inside a dynamic table
  •  to adjust text size automatically to fill the frame
  •  to create running headers that include chapter names

Source: LinkedIn assessment practice mode

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