Search Ads 360 Certification Exam Answers 2022

Q. – Campaigns can only be copied within the same engine account for which two engines? (select two)

  • (A) adMarketplace
  • (B) Bing Ads
  • (C) Yahoo Japan
  • (D) Social

Q. – Which two column categories appear in formula columns? (select two)

  • (A) Creation time
  • (B) Conversion metrics
  • (C) Search impression share
  • (D) Engine metrics

Q. – What metrics estimate conversions that measure user behavior across devices and environments?

  • (A) Clicks
  • (B) Cross-environment metrics
  • (C) Visits
  • (D) Cost

Q.– Which two conversion sources can be selected in bid strategies? (select two)

  • (A) Bing Universal Event Tracking
  • (B) Floodlight
  • (C) Google Tag Manager goals
  • (D) Google Analytics

Q. – What feature may be used to edit custom Floodlight variable data?

  • (A) Search Ads 360 API
  • (B) Bulksheets
  • (C) Google Ads API
  • (D) Text Editor

Q. – What could prevent Inventory Management from making changes to a campaign?

  • (A) Edits to campaign bids or bid strategies
  • (B) Manual edits to campaign name or status
  • (C) Manual edits to keyword URL templates
  • (D) Edits to ad rotation settings

Q. – How often is Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Baidu data refreshed in Search Ads 360?

  • (A) 6 hours
  • (B) 4 hours
  • (C) 2 hours
  • (D) 8 hours

Q. – In what order should new entities be created (assuming no campaigns already exist)?

  • (A) Campaign > Ad Group > Ad > Keyword
  • (B) Keyword > Campaign > Ad Group
  • (C) Ad Group > Keyword > Campaign
  • (D) Keyword > Ad Group > Campaign

Q. – What action should be used to pass a conversion attribute (such as shipping cost)?

  • (A) Set up Custom Floodlight Variable using bulksheets
  • (B) Set up an additional Floodlight tag and pass the shipping cost through the revenue field
  • (C) Set up Custom Floodlight Variable using the relevant engine frontend
  • (D) Set up Custom Floodlight Variable as a metric

Q. – What step would be taken to check if an inventory management template has created any entities?

  • (A) Create an Executive Report with no filters
  • (B) Check the template’s progress bar
  • (C) Apply an “Inventory template ID” filter
  • (D) Filter for errors in the reporting dashboard

Q. – When a reporting view is saved, who has access to the view?

  • (A) No users within that advertiser
  • (B) Only users with edit access within that advertiser
  • (C) All users within that advertiser
  • (D) Select users within that advertiser

Q. – What occurs when auto-tagging is enabled?

  • (A) A Google Click ID is reported in the budget pacing report
  • (B) A label is added to all Google Ads campaigns
  • (C) A Google click ID is appended to all landing page URLs
  • (D) A scheduled edit is created for all Google Ads campaigns

Q. – Which two changes does an advertiser manager have permission to make to an advertiser account? (select two)

  • (A) Edit advertiser settings
  • (B) Remove user access to an agency’s advertisers
  • (C) Edit advertiser components
  • (D) Edit all advertisers within an agency

Q. – What configuration setting eliminates duplicate conversions between advertisers?

  • (A) Action
  • (B) Revenue
  • (C) Shared Floodlight configuration
  • (D) Counter

Q. – When a Search Ads 360 advertiser is added with a different currency than the linked Campaign Manager advertiser, which product sets the currency for that Search Ads 360 advertiser?

  • (A) Each product uses separate currencies
  • (B) Search Ads 360
  • (C) Campaign Manager
  • (D) Display & Video 360

Q. – Which two filters are available in the change history report? (select two)

  • (A) Creation date
  • (B) Campaign
  • (C) Geo
  • (D) Change Type

Q. – What type of bid strategy is supported by the forecasting tool?

  • (A) Max clicks
  • (B) Conversions or Revenue
  • (C) Position
  • (D) Rules

Q. – Which three landing page tests are available in Search Ads 360? (select three)

  • (A) Mobile landing page test
  • (B) Segment landing page test
  • (C) Desktop landing page test
  • (D) All devices landing page test

Q. – Which two features may be used to upload offline conversion data to a Search Ads 360 keyword ID? (select two)

  • (A) Campaign Manager API
  • (B) Search Ads 360 API
  • (C) Google Ads API
  • (D) Bulksheets

Q. – What are two key differentiators in functionality between labels and business data?

  • (A) Ability to attach a business calendar
  • (B) Ability to report at the campaign level
  • (C) Ability to pivot metrics within Search Ads 360
  • (D) Ability to pause biddable items

Q. – What bid strategy goal should be used to create a custom strategy with multiple ERS, ROAS, and CPA targets?

  • (A) Clicks
  • (B) Conversion
  • (C) Advanced Targeting
  • (D) Position

Q. – Which three requirements must be met to run a successful ad copy test? (select three)

  • (A) Minimum number of required impressions for each ad group
  • (B) Each ad must contain only one landing page URL
  • (C) All keywords and engines must be paused
  • (D) Ads must only include one ad copy test at a time

Q. – Which two user types can activate the conversion API? (select two)

  • (A) Agency user
  • (B) Advertiser user
  • (C) Advertiser manager
  • (D) Agency manager

Q. – What feature is used to track unsupported ad types that specify their own landing page or Google Display Network and Gmail promoted campaigns?

  • (A) Landing page test
  • (B) Placeholder keyword
  • (C) Business data
  • (D) Rules

Q. – What two Floodlight activity group types can be set up? (select two)

  • (A) Sales
  • (B) Dimension
  • (C) Counter
  • (D) Metric

Q. – Which two conversion sources can be reported in custom columns? (select two)

  • (A) Bing Conversion Trackers
  • (B) Gemini Conversion Trackers
  • (C) Floodlight
  • (D) Google Ads Conversion Trackers

Q. – What function do ValueTrack parameters perform?

  • (A) Track additional conversion types
  • (B) Automatically sync to Google Tag Manager
  • (C) Create custom date segmentation
  • (D) Dynamically insert information

Q. – What is the default attribution model for Floodlight?

  • (A) First Click
  • (B) First interaction
  • (C) Last Click
  • (D) Last Impression

Q. – What feature may be used to report on a specific Floodlight conversion?

  • (A) Business data
  • (B) Custom Metric
  • (C) Custom Dimension
  • (D) Custom Column

Q. – Which two types of uploads can be made through an sFTP endpoint? (select two)

  • (A) Bulksheets
  • (B) Inventory management feeds
  • (C) Conversions
  • (D) Google Search history

Q. – Which three features can a call-tracking partner use to send data to Search Ads 360? (select three)

  • (A) Custom Variables
  • (B) Search Ads 360 API
  • (C) Bulksheets
  • (D) Campaign Manager API

Q. – Bulksheets can be used to complete which two tasks? (select two)

  • (A) Upload offline conversions
  • (B) Upload custom Floodlight variable data
  • (C) Create labels
  • (D) Generate formula columns in bulk

Q. – What is the Search Ads 360 account hierarchy?

  • (A) Agency > Advertiser > Engine > Campaign > Ad Group > Ad > Keyword
  • (B) Advertiser > Engine > Campaign >Keyword
  • (C) Agency > Advertiser > Engine > Campaign > Keyword > Ad Group > Ad
  • (D) Agency > Advertiser > Engine > Campaign > Keyword

Q. – What conversion data can be uploaded using bulk sheets?

  • (A) Google Analytics goal data
  • (B) Google Ads conversions data
  • (C) Offline conversion data
  • (D) Custom Floodlight variable data

Q. – Which three modifiers can be automated by a bid strategy? (select three)

  • (A) Location target bid adjustments
  • (B) Mobile bid adjustments
  • (C) Remarketing target bid adjustments
  • (D) Search impression share bid adjustments

Q. – Which two types of goals can be targeted in Bid Strategies? (select two)

  • (A) Profit Margin
  • (B) Business data
  • (C) Revenue
  • (D) Conversion

Q. – What level should be used to evaluate performance of a bid strategy?

  • (A) Individual campaign
  • (B) Bid strategy
  • (C) Individual ad
  • (D) Individual keyword

Q. – Which three changes can a user set up using scheduled edits? (select three)

  • (A) Activate ads or keywords at a specific time
  • (B) Raise bids on keywords every Monday at 7am
  • (C) Activate a new bid strategy
  • (D) Lower bids on keywords during weekends

Q. – Which two segments CANNOT be applied to reporting data? (select two)

  • (A) Attribution model
  • (B) Device type
  • (C) Business data
  • (D) User ID

Q. – Which three engines are supported by the Search Ads 360 API? (select three)

  • (A) Bing
  • (B) Google Ads
  • (C) Gemini
  • (D)

Q. – Which level’s settings CANNOT be edited with bulk sheets? (select two)

  • (A) Advertiser
  • (B) Ad Group
  • (C) Network
  • (D) Campaign

Q. – What does it mean when the “Stop sync” button is greyed out?

  • (A) The engine account is paused.
  • (B) The engine type is “Other”.
  • (C) The sync is applying updates.
  • (D) The sync is complete.

Q.– If an engine account is set to a different currency than an advertiser, metrics will appear in what currency when scoped to the engine level?

  • (A) Billing currency
  • (B) Advertiser’s currency
  • (C) Ad group’s currency
  • (D) Engine’s currency

Q. – Which three frequencies can be scheduled for reports? (select three)

  • (A) Daily
  • (B) Monthly
  • (C) Hourly
  • (D) Weekly

Q. – What setting should be applied to a Floodlight tag passing offline conversion data?

  • (A) Dynamic tag
  • (B) Image tag only
  • (C) Primary source is offline
  • (D) Primary source is retail

Q. – Data Exclusion events exclude data for a minimum of how many hours?

  • (A) 8 hours
  • (B) 24 hours
  • (C) 4 hours
  • (D) 2 hours

Q. – Which three URLs are involved in a landing page test? (select three)

  • (A) Original
  • (B) Rule
  • (C) Control
  • (D) Experiment

Q. – When setting a CPA, ERS, or ROAS target for a bid strategy, how much conversion history should be considered?

  • (A) 2 weeks
  • (B) 3 months
  • (C) 1 week
  • (D) 3-4 weeks

Q. – What is shown in the “Last sync” details tab? (select two)

  • (A) The time that the sync occurred
  • (B) A list of error types
  • (C) A list of campaigns modified
  • (D) The number of errors during the sync

Q. – Where can a saved web query be found?

  • (A) In the left-hand menu, click Downloads then Web Query
  • (B) In the left-hand menu, click Budget Management, then Web Query
  • (C) In the right-hand menu, click Attribution, then Web Query
  • (D) In the right-hand menu, Click Advertiser Settings, then Web Query

Q. – Which three features can be used to integrate offline conversion data? (select three)

  • (A) sFTP
  • (B) Google Data Studio
  • (C) Bulksheets
  • (D) Search Ads 360 API

Q. – Which two methods can be used to send an Executive report to a user with no access to Search Ads 360? (select two)

  • (A) Deliver daily file to shared sFTP
  • (B) Link to a shared version of the generated report
  • (C) Executive reports can’t be sent to a user with no access to Search Ads 360
  • (D) Send a downloaded PDF or Excel file

Q. – If an engine account is set to a different timezone than an advertiser, in which timezone will Floodlight metrics appear when scoped to the advertiser level?

  • (A) The advertiser’s timezone
  • (B) Campaign Manager’s timezone
  • (C) Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • (D) The engine’s timezones

Q.– If bids on keywords in a bid strategy are manually overwritten, how long will it take for the bid strategy to resume bidding on those keywords?

  • (A) 1 hour
  • (B) 12 hours
  • (C) 24 hours
  • (D) 6 hours

Q. – What permissions are needed to create an advertiser?

  • (A) Advertiser user (edit access)
  • (B) Agency Manager
  • (C) Advertiser viewer
  • (D) Read-only

Q. – What feature provides audience lists to Display & Video 360 or Google Ads based on search clicks recorded by Search Ads 360?

  • (A) Remarketing lists
  • (B) Search Ads 360 API
  • (C) Attribution
  • (D) Google Ads API

Q. – Which two types of campaigns do bid strategy opportunities analyze? (select two)

  • (A) Google Ads App campaigns
  • (B) Bing Ads manual campaigns
  • (C) Google Ads manual campaigns
  • (D) Gemini manual campaigns

Q. – Which two constraints can an advertiser select on their conversion-based bid strategies? (select two)

  • (A) Impression Share
  • (B) Max CPA
  • (C) Position
  • (D) Profit

Q. – Which attribute may be used to upload paid search offline conversions via the Campaign Manager API?

  • (A) Match Type
  • (B) Keyword
  • (C) GCLID
  • (D) Campaign ID

Q. – At which three levels can bid strategies be applied? (select three)

  • (A) Keyword
  • (B) Ad group
  • (C) Agency
  • (D) Campaign

Q. – When Campaign Manager isn’t used as the ad server, what should Search Ads 360 advertisers link to in Campaign Manager?

  • (A) Placement
  • (B) Publisher
  • (C) Campaign
  • (D) Advertiser

Q. – At which three levels can automated rules be set up? (select three)

  • (A) Campaigns
  • (B) Engines
  • (C) Agency
  • (D) Keywords

Q. – Which two methods can be used to pass conversion attributes such as model type, color, and year of production through a Floodlight activity? (select two)

  • (A) Set up a custom Floodlight variable as a dimension in Search Ads 360
  • (B) It is not possible to pass conversion attributes
  • (C) Set up a Custom Dimension in Google Analytics
  • (D) Set up a custom Floodlight variable in Google Tag Manager

Q. – When a Search Ads 360 advertiser is linked to Campaign Manager, which product sets the timezone?

  • (A) Campaign Manager
  • (B) Search Ads 360
  • (C) Each product uses separate time zones
  • (D) Display & Video 360

Q. – What attribution model assigns all credit to the last click on a paid search ad before a conversion?

  • (A) Position-based
  • (B) First interaction
  • (C) Last paid search interaction
  • (D) Data-Driven

Q. – What happens when an engine is paused?

  • (A) All campaigns are paused
  • (B) Syncs are paused from the engine
  • (C) Ad groups and keywords are paused
  • (D) Active campaigns are paused

Q. – Which three items can a bid strategy consider when optimizing the performance of a bidding portfolio as a whole? (select three)

  • (A) Campaigns
  • (B) Agency
  • (C) Ad groups
  • (D) Keywords / Product Groups

Q. – What Floodlight tag measures purchases and revenue on a website?

  • (A) Revenue
  • (B) Transaction
  • (C) Action
  • (D) Counter

Q. – During the first week of an active bid strategy, which two changes can potentially impact the learning period? (select two)

  • (A) Decrease CPA target of bid strategy 60%
  • (B) Decrease bidding portfolio by 1 low-performing keyword
  • (C) Increase bidding portfolio by 2 new keywords
  • (D) Decrease maximum bid in the bid strategy setting 40%

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