CoinGecko Learn and Earn Campaigns are somewhat similar to Coinmarketcaps' learn and earn campaigns. You just need to watch videos in order to gain knowledge about the crypto projects and gain free tokens by answering quiz. Also you would be able to earn candies which can be used to avail various rewards in coingecko site.

CoinGecko Learn and Earn Quiz Answers

How to participate?

To be eligible to earn Candies, you need to:

1) Have a CoinGecko user account.  Register here.

2) Answer all the quiz questions correctly.

                                    Best Crypto Security Practices Quiz Answers

1. What is the most secure practice when creating passwords?Use the Password Manager (e.g. 1Password or LastPass)
2. Why should you use KyberSwap over typical DEXes/AMMs?Hardware-based 2FA
3. Which of the follow should you to ensure browser security?All of the above
4. Investing in a hardware wallet is better than having your coins stored on your crypto wallets (such as Metamask).True
5. What the best way to protect your crypto assets and wallet?I, II, and IV

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