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Binance Skale Quiz Answers - Binance Learn & Earn!

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Binance Learn and Earn!

SKALE Learn & Earn Quiz Answers Binance!

Q: How much are gas fees on the SKALE Network?

A: zero

Q: What type of blockchain is the SKALE Network?

A: Modular Layer1/Layer2 Hybrid

Q: What types of decentralized applications run on SKALE?

A: All are correct

Q: How does SKALE improve User Experience?

A: All are correct

Q: The SKALE network supports thousands of independent blockchains, multi-chains, and storage chains with zero gas fees, faster commit times, and increased transaction throughput. True or False?

A: true

Q: How does SKALE increase the supply of SKALE Chains?

A: Incentivizing SKALE chain creation through surge pricing.

Q: SKALE is Ethereum compatible. True or false?

A: true

Q: How many Elastic Sidechains can be created in the SKALE ecosystem?

A: An unlimited amount 

     Earn Passive Income on Binance

Q: “Locked staking” refers to the process of locking your digital assets on a _ for a certain period of time.

A: Proof of Stake blockchain

Q: With Binance Locked Staking, redemption doesn’t require a certain unlocking period. True or false?

A: false

Q: What can you NOT do on Binance Earn?

A: Conduct leveraged trading to amply the returns

Q: Which of the following is a form of passive income?

A: Alice stakes her crypto holdings

Q: What can you do with Binance Earn?

A: Select different products to grow your crypto holdings

Q: What is NOT staking?

A: Generate returns by trading your coins

Q: Once you subscribe to the Locked Staking, interests will be calculated from the following day, and are distributed to your Spot Wallet every day. True or false?

A: true

Q: When the Locked Staking process is complete, the staked assets will be redeemed automatically and returned to your _.

A: spot wallet

Q: Binance Locked Staking’s locking period for different products is the same. True or false?

A: false

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