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Binance STP Quiz Answers - Binance Learn & Earn STPT!

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STPT  Learn & Earn Quiz Answers Binance!

Q: What chains is STP bridging with its cross-chain technology?

A: Ethereum to Polygon

Q: Which participation metrics are trackable on Clique?

A: All are correct

Q: Which technology enables cross-chain governance on STP?

A: Data Bridge

Q: What problem does Clique solve?

A: Fragmentation of DAO tools in the space

Q: What is the main use case of STPT?

A: Governance

Q: What are the two main functions of Clique?

A: DAO creation and DAO management

Q: What type of DAOs does STP have a pre-made template for?

A: Investment DAO, Membership DAO, and Project DAO

Q: What is the native coin of STP?


Q: What is Clique

A: The all-in-one DAO platform that enhances member participation in DAOs through a single platform for everything DAO-related, whether it be voting, proposals, social posts, analytics, token management, etc.

Q: For DAOs on layer-1 blockchains, how is the voting power for governance on Clique determined?

A: The voting power will be dependent on the amount of native DAO tokens held by users in their wallet using the cross-chain technology.

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