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The first 5,000 qualified users with correct quiz answers will evenly share 15,000 CTC. Other qualified users (except for the winners of Pool 1) will evenly share 10,000 CTC.

- Take the quiz and submit the correct answers along with your Kucoin UID.

Learn, Trade, and Earn! Enjoy a 135,000 CTC Prize Pool!

Note: Activity period – from 30th June 2022, 9:00 to 7th July 2022, 9:00 (UTC).

Kucoin Creditcoin Quiz Answers - Share 25000 $CTC

Q1) What is Creditcoin?

Answer: A borderless credit investment network

Q2) What is the ecosystem name that represents Creditcoin?

Answer: OpenFi

Q3) Where does the OpenFi ecosystem generate its yield from?

Answer: From real-world global debt investment networks

Q4) What is the primary goal of OpenFi?*

Answer: To connect traditional and decentralized finance together, democratize access to credit investment opportunities and facilitate trust and transparency in emerging market credit investment.

Q5) How much APY does Gluwa’s Fixed-Term Interest Account pay?

Answer: 12-15%

Q6) What is the name of our decentralized bridge?

Answer: Gateway DAO

Q7) What is the meaning of OpenFi?

Answer: Merging TradFi and DeFi through blockchain

Q8) Why Creditcoin?

Answer: It bridges the gap between crypto and real-world lending, allowing anyone to transparently invest in global debt markets.

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