Kucoin learn & earn, become a SNOW specialist! Complete the quiz & Gleam tasks to win an equal share of $15,000 in $ICX!

KuCoin & ICON Learn & Earn Quiz Answers: $17,000 in ICX!


- Have a KuCoin Account: https://www.kucoin.com/

- Follow on Twitter


- Retweet this tweet:

- Complete the Gleam tasks in the form:

                   KuCoin & ICON Learn & Earn Quiz Answers: $17,000 in ICX!

Which of the following describes the aspiring SNOW parachain best:

Answers B and C are both correct

What is the token ticker for the SNOW parachain:


In which ecosystem is SNOW Network bidding for a parachain slot:
The Kusama Ecosystem

How is SNOW Network related to the ICE Network and the ICON protocol:

SNOW is the canary network of ICE and an extension network of the L1 protocol called ICON.

Which additional crowdloan bonus is available for contributors:

All the above answers are correct

When did ICX open trading on KuCoin?

June 17

How many trading pairs has ICX listed on KuCoin?

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