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Kucoin Learn & Earn Quiz Answers - Fracton Protocol

What can I do with a People's BAYC?

Trade it on the market, redeem BAYC, or Meta-Swap it into hiBAYC.

What is a People's BAYC Blind Box?

People's BAYC Blind Boxes represent the pending state of People's BAYC prior to a successful minting round.

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Where can you trade NFTs?


How many PUNKS Blind Box minting rounds can be launched at the same time?


What will Fracton do if the Blind Box minting round you participate in fails?

Buy back hiNFT tokens (Price=1/1,000 of the Blind Box price; Quantity=1,000 times the number of Blind Boxes sold).

How can I participate in Minting?

Go to Fracton Protocol's official website.

How many CryptoPunks are there in total?


Which is the standard for Non-Fungible Crew?


Which standard does CryptoPunks use?


What is Meta-Swap?

Meta-Swap is Fracton Protocol's NFT fraction exchange aggregator.

Can Blind Box minting prices change among different rounds?

It depends.

Can a Blind Box minting price change within the same round?


How many times will Fracton fractionalize BAYC?


What was Fracton's first twitter post about?

A Mirror article

What is the transaction fee for hiBAYC tokens?


Where can you trade your hiBAYC tokens?


Which is the first NFT collection we fractionalized?


How much is the tax for BAYC redemption?


Which is Fracton's Twitter account?


What is the smallest number of hiBAYC you can subscribe for?

There is no restriction

Which is Fracton‘s website?


At least how many hiPUNKS do you need to meta-swap a People's Punk?

1,000 plus a 0.3% protocol fee

If minting and purchasing of BAYC are successful, what can you do with a People's BAYC Blind Box?

Both of the above

Which project has the longest history?


Where can you trade People's BAYC?


How much is the tax for meta-swapping hiBAYC for People's BAYC?

0.3 %

Where can you trade hiBAYC tokens?

Both of the above

What is Fracton Protocol?

Fracton Protocol is a fractionalization trading platform for top NFTs.

Which standard does People's BAYC use?


What is hiBAYC?

hiBAYC is an ERC-20 token representing fractionalized ownership of BAYC.

What is the least number of People's BAYC you can mint?


What does NFT stand for?

Non Fungible Token

Which of the following is not a place where you can trade hiBAYC tokens?


Which blockchain is Fracton deployed on?


Which is our governance token?

$Fracton ($FT)

Which of the following is one of our three goals?

Be a fully decentralized, permissionless fractions trading protocol.

Which standard does hiBAYC use?


How much is the transaction fee for hiPUNKS?


What is the slogan for Fracton Protocol?

Say Hi to every top NFT you love.

Which type of NFT does Fracton Protocol focus on?

Top NFTs

Which is our project name?


How can I get hiBAYC?

Use the Meta-Swap function on Fracton's official site or buy them on the secondary market.

Which two colors does Fracton's logo have?

Black and White

What is the name of our membership NFT?

Non-Fungible Crew

What is the story behind Non-Fungible Crew?

Ship of Theseus

Why do we need to mint Blind Boxes?

As proof of a user's contribution to raising funds for buying a BAYC.

Which is the ERC standard we improved?


Which asset can be swapped for 1 BAYC when you have 1,000 of them?

People's BAYC

If you were to swap 1,000 People's BAYC for 1 BAYC, which BAYC NFT would you get?

A random BAYC from Fracton Protocol's pool.

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