Kucoin Solcial (SLCL) Learn & Earn Quiz Answers!

Activity 1: Solcial Tasks, Be a Solcial Specialist and Share 80,000 SLCL!

- Must have KuCoin Account: Not have One?

Create here: https://www.kucoin.com/

Learn how Solcial works and try to find the answers for the quiz:

Finish the Tasks Here!

During the campaign period, users who complete the Gleam tasks on Twitter will be eligible to evenly share 80,000 SLCL (approximately $10,000).

* The qualification requires the correct answers to the quiz.

Complete Details Here: Awareness of Solcial Brings Benefits | 230,000 SLCL Up for Grabs!

                      Kucoin SLCL Learn & Earn Quiz Answers

What happens to your post if a large group of people report it on Solcial?


Your post gets unpinned from Solcial’s own IPFS node.

Where is the user content stored on Solcial?


All user content is stored on IPFS and accessed through the P2P layer.

How much % of your profits does Solcial keep?


0%, Social makes no profit of your earnings

If a user joins Solcial, how many user tokens will they receive and create?


1 million

How many subscription levels will users have, and is it free?


People can follow public content for free (on Tier 1), but access private content by holding other users' token (on Tier 2 and 3).

Will there be a Joining fee to create an account on Solcial?


Creating an account is free on Solcial.

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