KuCoin Think Before You Invest Quiz Answers


1. Have a KuCoin Account: https://www.kucoin.com/

2. Take the Kucoin #ThinkBeforeYouInvest quiz and submit the answers.

3. Share on Twitter and quote: I am learning and winning from the @kucoincom #ThinkBeforeYouInvest campaign.

4. 40 winners will be selected randomly and each will get 10 USDT rewards.

Duration: From 11th July 2022 to 24th July 2022.

Q1) To protect yourself from mobile viruses, it will be necessary to be careful enough to ignore any web popups and also have cybersecurity on your phone.

Answer: True 

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Q2) Vishing is similar to phishing that the scammers will use a fake website to trick you.

Answer: False

Q3) The aim of Fake Wallet Apps is to trick users into downloading the fake wallet app and then?

Answer: Both A & B are correct

Q4) What is the definition about Clipper apps

Answer: Clipper apps are designed to replace your cryptocurrency wallet address with the attacker’s address. For example, if you copy and paste your Bitcoin address to send some BTC to a friend, a clipper app will replace that address with the attacker’s address instead.

Q5) About WiFi breach scammed, what tips are incorrect below?

Answer: If you often use one public WiFi network, it is not very dangerous to transact in cryptocurrency with this network.

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