Earn crypto as you learn with BitDegree about the innovative Mysterium Network and its Decentralized Virtual Private Network Service. 

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Mysterium Network Learndrop - Learn & Earn Quiz Answers!

Learn and Earn with the Mysterium Network LearnDrop Quiz Answers! 

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1. What does dVPN stand for?

Decentralized Virtual Private Network

2. What is the native token of the Mysterium Network?


3. From who can dVPN services hide you internet data from, that traditional VPNs can not?

VPN Service Providers

4. How do you pay for Mysterium dVPN services?

Paying for just the time and data used using crypto to end node providers

5. Which devices can you use dVPN on?


6. Why are Virtual Private Networks important?

They hide your browsing data from ISPs, local governments, and malicious hackers
They circumvent region and geo-blocking, allowing you to access blocked content
They help fight censorship and keeps your identity safe while browsing the web

7. What influences how much you can earn by running Mysterium nodes?

The number of IP addresses you offer
The Speed of your Network
Your Location

8. As a node runner where can you track your progress?


9. Can you run more than one exit node on a single IP?


10. What % is the service free that node runners pay?


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