POSI learn and earn quiz answers are available in this article, you can participate in the Position exchange learn & earn weekly quiz and win 40 $POSI tokens. 

POSI Learn to Earn: Week 4 Quiz Answers

For week 4 quiz, 500 lucky winners with correct answers will get 40 $POSI. 

Note: POSI learn to earn week 4 quiz will end on 8th July 2022. 

- Must complete tasks mentioned in the form too.

Form Link

- You can join their platform for trading as well here: https://position.exchange

                               POSI Learn to Earn: Week 4 Quiz Answers

1. What kind of order may a user use on Position Exchange to open a position? (for now)

A. Market Orders

2. Limit orders are always filled.

A. False

3. The market order can be filled at any price in the future.

A. False

4. The greatest leverage of the BTC/BUSD pair on Position Exchange is (for now)

A. 25x

5. What does “Market orders require liquidity to be filled” mean?

A. The limit orders that were previously placed on the order book are used to execute the order.

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