Revolut launches a new learn and earn program in partnership with polkadot awarding upto $15 in dot tokens as a reward for participation. Revolut’s concept for this new initiative is to give users rewards for getting knowledge about different crypto projects just like coinmarketcaps' learn and earn campaigns.

Revolut Polkadot Learn & Earn Quiz Answers

What is Revolut?

Revolut is a British financial technology company that offers banking services. Headquartered in London, it was founded in 2015 by Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko.

How to participate in revoluts' dot learn and earn campaign?

- Sign up on the official app

Check you’ve got the latest version of the app

- Head to Home > Hub > Crypto > Learn

- Start with ‘Crypto Basics’

You can check here: Revolut Crypto Basics Quiz Answers

- Then take the ‘Polkadot’ course

- Take a few quizzes with your new knowledge

- Claim your free crypto!

For More Details, you can check their official pages:

                               Revoluts' Dot Learn & Earn Quiz Answers

Lesson 1:

What are some limitations of early blockchains like Bitcoin?

Answer: A low transaction speeds, high fees, and inability to communicate with other blockchains

What is Web 3.0?

Answer: A new web based on decentralized technologies where users have more control over their data

How does Palkadot circumvent some of the limitations of previous blockchains?

Answer: It allows multiple blockchains to communicate with each other and process transactions at the same time

Lesson 2:

What is a relay chain?

Answer: A blockchain that connects other blockchains together and allows them to communicate

What is a parachain?

Answer: A blockchain that connects to the relay chain and works in parallel with other parachains

What problems do parachains and relay chains solve?

Answer: The inability of blockchains to communicate with each other

Lesson 3:

Who can vote for new initiatives like network upgrades on the Polkadot Network?

Answer: People holding a DOT token

What is Polkadot’s “On-Chain Treasury”?

Answer: A collection of tokens that can be used to support projects that benefit the network

How is Polkadot’s governance system different from some other popular blockchains?

Answer: It is governed by a community by vote

Lesson 4:

What is the name of Polkadot’s native crypto token?

Answer: DOT

What is staking your DOT tokens?

Answer: Help secure the network by temporarily locking DOT tokens in exchange for a reward in DOT tokens

What is the “bonding” of your DOT tokens?

Answer: Blocking tokens to secure a spot for your parachain on the relay chain

Lesson 5:

What are some use cases of Polkadot?

Answer: NFTs, DeFi, Smart Cities

What distinguishes applications based on Polkadot from the apps on your phone?

Answer: Polkadot apps don’t need a middleman for your work and can better protect your data

How do apps communicate on parachains?

Answer: Via the relay chain

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