Cryptocurrency wallets are wallets that are used to hold keys to cryptocurrencies on the blockchain. There are several cryptocurrency wallets, and in this course, you will be able to learn about the different cryptocurrency wallets and how to use them.

Earnathon Cryptocurrency Wallets Quiz Answers!

You will have a chance to earn 8 ENA tokens for solving the quiz answers correctly.

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Earnathon Learn & Earn - Cryptocurrency Wallets Quiz Answers!

Lesson 1 Quiz Answers:

A cryptocurrency wallet enables people to??

Send and Receive Cryptocurrencies

Lesson 2 Quiz Answers:

A cryptocurrency wallet that enables you to easily import your cryptocurrencies
into another device??

Decentralized Wallet

Lesson 3 Quiz Answers:

Which wallet can you hold access to its private keys or keyphrase ??

A custodial wallet

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