When you are trying to find a way to get Robux for free, you may find a Robux generator that does not have to complete surveys or even human verifications. 

One of the Robux Generators Without Human Verification and Surveys is https://easyrobuxtoday.us/. This site offers the Roblox players to get free Robux without any human verification. 

Free Robux No Human Verification or Survey 2022 kid friendly

Will the Easy Robux Today site really give you free Robux?

The Answer is No, it is a scam. Even though they promise to give your free Robux without human verification, the fact that they will not do it. In other words, the Easy Robux Today site is a fake, just like other Robux Generators.

When you access https://easyrobuxtoday.us/, you will be directed into a homepage of Easy Robux Today site. There will be some fields that you need to fill, including your Roblox username, your device to play Robux and the amount of Robux.

After you fill out all the fields, try to click on the ‘Generate’ button. If you click on it, the process of transferring Robux into your Roblox account is processed, until it results 100%. After 100%, a pop up window will appear that says you need to click on the ‘Verify Now’ in order to keep their software stay undetected from automatic bot.

If you click on the ‘Verify Now’, you will be directed into a page that prompt you to complete one offer available from the list to verify that you are not a not, including:

    • Your Chance to get $750 to your Cash App Account!
    • Register Your Email for a Chance to Win a Brand New PS5!
    • Get a $100 Google Play Gift Card
    • $500 Amazon.com Gift card giveaway!

They reveal that it may take 2-3 minutes to complete. Surprisingly! If you choose one offer, it will ask you to take some quizzes. Then, it also requires you to enter your personal information including your real name, your email, your birthday, your gender, your cellphone number, your address, your city and your state.

From the personal information they want to get from you, it indicates that they want to steal your personal information. Well, if you fill out all of your information on the available field, most likely they will steal your personal data. So, be careful!

Legal Ways to Get Robux

There are at least three main ways in order to get Robux legally, however, we only share two of them, here are they:

Way 1: Purchasing Robux

The easiest and fastest way to get Robux is by buying Robux. You can purchase Robux by going to the Roblox website at https://www.roblox.com/home. Then, you need to login with your Roblox account by entering your Roblox username and password.

At the top of the Roblox page, left of the search bar, you need to click the ‘Robux’ tab. After that, choose the amount of Robux that you want to buy. You may see different numbers of Robux listed on the left side of the page.

Once you choose the amount of Robux, you can then click on the ‘Buy For’. Here’s for Robux’s price:

    • $0.99 = 80 Robux
    • $4.99 = 400 Robux
    • $9.99 = 800 Robux
    • $49.99 = 4,500 Robux (only available on PC/ MacOS Roblox Browser)
    • $99.99 = 10,000 Robux (only available on PC/ MacOS Roblox Browser)

Choose a payment method by checking some payment options on the right side of the page. Here are all payment method options:

    • Credit: Pay with a credit card.
    • Roblox card:Use a gift card’s balance.
    • Rixty: Pay with Rixty online currency.
    • Debit: Pay with a debit card.
    • PayPal: Use PayPal to pay.

Once you choose a payment method, click on the ‘Continue’ button. Here, you will need to enter your payment details. After that just click the ‘Submit Order’ button and by clicking on the Submit Order button, a number of Robux you choose will be sent to your profile.

Way 2: Selling Items

Aside from purchasing Robux, you can also sell some Roblox items. In order to sell the items, make sure you are a Premium member, at least a tier-1 Premium member.

To start selling Roblox items, you can go to the Roblox site and log into Roblox by entering your password and username. Then, click on the ‘Create’ tab located at the top of the page. By clicking the tab, it will bring you to ‘My Creations’.

You need to choose an item category. For example, click an item type such as Shirt or pants below the ‘My Creations’ heading. After that, you need to create or upload the item that you want to sell.

Then, place the item on sale by going to the product page. Then, click the three dots icon at the top right and click on the ‘Continue’. After that, click the ‘Sales’ button. Type the amount of Robux for the price of the item you want to sell.

In the terms of selling the items, Roblox will take a 30% cut of anything you sell. Then, the amount of Robux you will receive per sale will be seen under. Last, click the ‘Save’ button to save your changes and create your item available for sale.

There is one more way of getting Robux legally and that is by using your Roblox Premium membership.

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