Complete the below short quiz about Orbit Chain (ORC) to share 30,000 $ORC.

Winners who answer all questions correctly and complete the tasks below will be selected randomly to share the rewards! Don't forget to finish KYC before Sep 2 to claim the rewards.

Scores must be 100% correct to be considered qualified. Take the quiz as many times as you would like to pass.

- You must have a Huobi Account.

If You don't have one, you can create one here:

⏰ 10:00 Aug 26 - 10:00 Sep 1 (UTC)

Huobi X ORC Quiz Answers - Learn & Earn Free Crypto!

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2. Telegram

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Huobi × Orbit Chain Quiz Answers: 30,000 $ORC to Share!

Q1.  What is the name of the foundation that introduced Orbit Chain? 
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Q2.  Which of the following is not a utility of Orbit Chain (ORC)? 
1 point
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Q3. As of now (August 25, 2022), how many blockchain networks are supported by Orbit Bridge? 
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Q4.  Which of the following is not an Orbit Bridge Validator? 
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Q5.  Who is Orbit Bridge's Security auditor? 
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