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A quiz score of 80 gets you a tribute NFT, and a perfect score of 100 gets you into one prize pool worth $1,000, with a total prize pool value of about $8,000 USDC.

There are 8 tribute NFTs, UR and SSR represent the rarity score of the NFT. UR represents a 5% legendary acquisition rate and SSR represents a 15% rare acquisition rate.

imToken How to Stay Safe on L2 Quiz Answers - Learn & Earn!

Learn & Earn at imToken - Approve Scams Quiz Answers!

In what way do scammers usually cheat you out of your token approval?

QR code payment

Ponzi scheme under the name of "liquidity mining”

All of the above [ Correct Answer ]

Which of the following descriptions of token approval is false?

The scammer use the token approval to drain a user’s wallet

If the scammer doesn't know your mnemonic or password, he can't drain your wallet even if they have the approval. [ Correct Answer ]

How to tell if the transfer page is fake or not?

The icons in the top right corner of the page are "..." and "X"

A window for approving unlimited token balance shows

All of the above [ Correct Answer ]

Someone sends you a link and offers you a very good investment opportunity: Principal is not required, you can just pay a little gas fees to get guaranteed daily earnings. What would you do?

Realize that it's probably a scam and contact imToken officials in the App to check it out [ Correct Answer ]

Open the link and follow the instruction to pay gas fees

Think that there is nothing wrong with investing a small amount of money to try it out

Think that since I can open the link in imToken, the project must be safe

Before removing your TRX wallet approval, you need to prepare:

At least 5 TRX [ Correct Answer ]

At least 0.02 ETH

At least 5 USDT

Which of the following descriptions is false regarding the cancellation of ETH wallet token approval?

If there is no ETH in your wallet, you can withdraw some to your ETH wallet address via exchanges

Open the TRX wallet in imToken and switch to the browser page [ Correct Answer ]

When the Status shows Success, you have successfully canceled the approval

Before canceling the ETH wallet authorization, please open the ETH wallet in imToken to do so.

Approve scams usually play out on which networks? (More than one answer)

TRON [ Correct Answer ]


Ethereum [ Correct Answer ]

What should I do if I find that my token approval has been compromised? (More than one answer)

Cancel the approval immediately to prevent the assets from being stolen [ Correct Answer ]

Ignore it, thinking that it will not affect the safety of assets

Contact imToken official via "Support and Feedback" in the App for help [ Correct Answer ]

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