Learn and earn at imToken Ⅳ Campaign period: 2022/08/11 15:00 - 2022/08/25 15:00 (SGT)


A quiz score of 80 gets you a tribute NFT, and a perfect score of 100 gets you into one prize pool worth $1,000, with a total prize pool value of about $8,000 USDC.

There are 8 tribute NFTs, UR and SSR represent the rarity score of the NFT. UR represents a 5% legendary acquisition rate and SSR represents a 15% rare acquisition rate.

imToken Arbitrum DEX with Order Book Quiz Answers - Learn & Earn!

Learn & Earn at imToken - Tips on Blockchain Security Quiz Answers!

1. What is the first step after being stolen?

Stop loss [ Correct Answer ]

Protect the scene

Root cause analysis

2. Why are hot wallets more risky than cold wallets?

The user interaction security mechanism of "What you see is what you sign" is missing.

The secret phrase (or private key) is compromised due to cyber attacks [ Correct Answer ]

Users lack of relevant background knowledge

3. How many main types of mnemonic words are there?



4 [ Correct Answer ]

4. How to transfer funds via a cold wallet?

Scan QRcode [ Correct Answer ]

Connect a USB to my device [ Correct Answer ]

Turn bluetooth on [ Correct Answer ]

5. How to avoid downloading fake wallets?

Use popular cryptocurrency market databases, such as CoinMarketCap [ Correct Answer ]

Search through Google and randomly choose one link to download

Download via a link sent by someone who DM you

6. What are the two security rules? (More than one answer)

Zero trust [ Correct Answer ]

For all the information from the Internet, be sure to cross-reference them

Continuous security validation [ Correct Answer ]

Don’t put all the eggs in one basket

Pay attention to system security updates. Upgrade as soon as they are available.

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