Learn and earn at imToken Ⅳ Campaign period: 2022/08/11 15:00 - 2022/08/25 15:00 (SGT)


A quiz score of 80 gets you a tribute NFT, and a perfect score of 100 gets you into one prize pool worth $1,000, with a total prize pool value of about $8,000 USDC.

There are 8 tribute NFTs, UR and SSR represent the rarity score of the NFT. UR represents a 5% legendary acquisition rate and SSR represents a 15% rare acquisition rate.

Learn and Earn at imToken - Kyber Network Quiz Answers!

Learn & Earn at imToken - Kyber Network Quiz Answers!

1. Who is Kyber Network’s mentor in the early stage?


Mark Zuckerberg

Vitalik Buterin [ Correct Answer ]

Elon Musk

2. What is KyberSwap?


An Aggregator

Kyber Network’s flagship product

All of the above [ Correct Answer ]

3. What is Kyber Network’s native token?



KNC [ Correct Answer ]


4. What is KyberSwap’s “Discover” feature?

The world’s 1st tool to discover tokens before they trend [ Correct Answer ]

The world’s 1st tool to discover tokens after they trend

The world’s 1st AI financial advisor

All of the above

5. What is KyberSwap’s latest protocol called?

KyberSwap Classic

KyberSwap Elastic [ Correct Answer ]

KyberSwap Flexible

None of the above

6. Which of the following statements are true? (Select all that apply)

KYC procedure is required to use KyberSwap

KyberSwap is deployed on 12 chains, allowing access to more than 20,000 tokens and $24B TVL across 80+ DEXs [ Correct Answer ]

You can vote with your KNC to take part in decision-making and governing on KyberDAO [ Correct Answer ]

You can get rewarded by participating in Kyber’s frequent community activities such as Trading Contest, Liquidity Mining Campaigns, Referral Campaigns,... [ Correct Answer ]

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