Learn and earn at imToken Ⅳ Campaign period: 2022/08/11 15:00 - 2022/08/25 15:00 (SGT)


A quiz score of 80 gets you a tribute NFT, and a perfect score of 100 gets you into one prize pool worth $1,000, with a total prize pool value of about $8,000 USDC.

There are 8 tribute NFTs, UR and SSR represent the rarity score of the NFT. UR represents a 5% legendary acquisition rate and SSR represents a 15% rare acquisition rate.

imToken Arbitrum DEX with Order Book Quiz Answers - Learn & Earn!

Learn & Earn at imToken - Ethereum NFT Marketplace Quiz Answers!

1. Who receives LooksRare’s platform fees?

The LooksRare team

LooksRare treasury

NFT creators

LOOKS stakers [ Correct Answer ]

2. What are the types of rewards available on LooksRare?

Trading Rewards

Listing rewards

Staking LOOKS to earn plaftform fee

Staking LOOKS to earn LOOKS block rewards

All of the above [ Correct Answer ]

3. One collection has 8,000 NFTs with 0.5% royalty fee, and ranked in the top 10 volumes in the last 24 hours. A user listed an NFT from this collection at 1.2x of the floor price and sold it successfully after 5 hours. What kind of rewards can this user get on LooksRare?

Listing rewards only

Trading rewards only

Both the listing rewards and trading rewards [ Correct Answer ]

4. Which of the following statements is false when a user stakes LOOKS tokens?

Earn LOOKS rewards

Earn WETH rewards

Earn WBTC rewards [ Correct Answer ]

5. Which statement is false about auto-compounding?

LOOKS rewards received from their staked LOOKS balance are automatically re-staked into the pool (or compounded)

Users can choose whether or not to use auto-compounding

Auto-compounding requires manual action by the user on a daily basis [ Correct Answer ]

6. Collection offer means _____.

the user places the same WETH offer for specific traits within a collection.

the user places the same WETH offer on every item within a collection with just a single click. [ Correct Answer ]

the user can make an offer on a single NFT.

7. Which of the following statements is false about the bulk listing function?

You can list NFTs at different prices

Once a listed item is sold, the other listings are invalidated [ Correct Answer ]

You can list NFTs at the same price

8. A conditional listing is ____.

when you list two items - sell one, and keep the other. [ Correct Answer ]

when you can list unlimited NFTs

when you list an NFT from the “Conditional” NFT collection

9. The tool available on LooksRare for buyers wishing to contact the seller is ______.

Blockscan Chat [ Correct Answer ]



10. LooksRare’s platform fee is ___.

2.0% [ Correct Answer ]



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