Learn and earn at imToken Ⅳ Campaign period: 2022/08/11 15:00 - 2022/08/25 15:00 (SGT)


A quiz score of 80 gets you a tribute NFT, and a perfect score of 100 gets you into one prize pool worth $1,000, with a total prize pool value of about $8,000 USDC.

There are 8 tribute NFTs, UR and SSR represent the rarity score of the NFT. UR represents a 5% legendary acquisition rate and SSR represents a 15% rare acquisition rate.

imToken Arbitrum DEX with Order Book Quiz Answers - Learn & Earn!

Learn & Earn at imToken - DEX powered by PMM algorithm Quiz Answers!

1. What is the market maker algorithm used by DODO?


B. PMM [ Correct Answer ]


2. Which of the following trading models can complete transactions immediately in DODO?

A. Swap [ Correct Answer ]

B. Limit Order

C. Gasless

3. Which of the following trading modes allow you to trade directly with market makers in DODO?

A. Swap

B. Limit Order

C. Gasless [ Correct Answer ]

4. Which of the following mining has no risk of principal loss?

A. Single Coin Pledge [ Correct Answer ]

B. LP Market Making Mining

C. Lending Mining

5. In which way can you equally allocate tokens and start a liquidity market at DODO?

A. Creating a liquidity pool

B. Crowdpooling [ Correct Answer ]

C. Market making

6. Which of the following parameter configuration is not supported when creating tokens

A. Token name

B. Total supply

C. Token icon [ Correct Answer ]

7. What type of NFT does DODO support when creating NFTs?

A. ERC721, ERC998

B. ERC721, ERC1155 [ Correct Answer ]

C. ERC1155, ERC998

8. Which type of pool supports the parameters adjustment after creation?

A. Public pools

B. Private pools [ Correct Answer ]

C. Anchored pools

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