Take this simple 5-question quiz on TKB. If you ace all 5 questions, you qualify to share in the 100,000 TKB prize pool!

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Must Have a Phemex Account -Don't Have One?

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TOKENBOT Workshop - Ace a Quiz for 100,000 TKB!

                                      Take The Quiz and Win Money

Prize Pool – 100,000 TKB
  • Users who answer all 5 questions correctly on the quiz can access this prize pool
  • Each qualified winner gets 1,000 TKB
  • 100 total winners share in this prize pool on first-come, first-serve basis

What is your Phemex UID?
What is the website of TOKENBOT?*
Which chain does TKB support?*
What is the total supply of TKB?*
What is the launchpad price for TKB on Phemex launchpad?*

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