POSI learn and earn quiz answers are available in this article, you can participate in the Position exchange learn & earn weekly quiz and win 05 $POSI tokens. 

POSI Learn to Earn: Week 7 Quiz Answers!

For week 7 quiz, 500 lucky winners with correct answers will get 05 $POSI. 

Note: POSI learn to earn week 7 quiz will end on 12th August 2022. 

- Must complete tasks mentioned in the form too.

Form Link

- You can join their platform for trading as well here: https://position.exchange

                               POSI Learn to Earn: Week 7 Quiz Answers

Q. What are the features of POSI Chain? (Multiple choice)


Fully On-chain orderbook

Execute orders directly with a smart contract

Q. What stable token pairs are currently tradable on Position Spot trading?


Q. Position Spot Trading allows users to choose the price, size, and direction of their trades.

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