100 Islamic general Knowledge MCQs to know of, especially helpful for students preparing for any islamic test that examines the basic knowledge of Islam. 

Islamic general Knowledge MCQs that one should know

1. Number of Surah starts with the names of Prophets?

2. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) took part in ________Ghazwas.


3. Hazrat __________ proposed Azan to call for prayers? 

Hazrat Umar(R.A) 

4. Where Hazrat Adam (A.S) met the Hazrat Muhammad PBUH?      

First Heaven 

5. Which book was first revealed for guidance of people?


6. Ushr is an Arabic word and it means?


7. In which year A.H. usury(Sood) was declared prohibited ?

9 A.H 

8. Ayat of Tayummam was revealed in ?

4 A.H  

9. Angels of Hell are ________ in number ?

( 19 )

10. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH performed _______ Umrahs ?

( 4 )

11.  ________was eldest son of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH

Hazrat Qasim(R.A)  

12. Mountain where Noah’s Ark stopped is in _________ ?

( Turkey )

13. Which bird was sent by Hazrat Noah(A.S) ?

( Pigeon )

14. What was the length of Ark of Hazrat Noah A.S ?

( 400 yard )

15. Who migrated first time for the sake of Allah ?

Hazrat Loot(AS) 

16. speaker of the Prophets was title attributed to ?

Hazrat Shoaib(AS) 

17. Who got blind by weeping too much upon destruction of his nation by Allah?

Hazrat Shoaib(AS) 

18. Which prophet had to commit a murder?

Hazrat Musa(AS) age 30 years 

19. Hazrat Sulaiman founded the famous mosque?

Al- Aqsa 

20. Which prophet was a carpenter by profession?

Hazrat Zakria(AS) 

21. Atiq was the title of which companion of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH?

Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) 

22. Najeeb Ullah was the title of ?

Hazrat Dawood(AS) 

23. Incident of Karbala took place on 10th Moharram ?

61 A.H 

24. Kalma Tayyaba is mentioned in the Holy Quran _______ times?

Two times 

25. First Juma (Friday) prayer was offered by Hazrat Muhammad PBUH in ?

( 1 A.H  )

26. The command for ablution(Wazu) is present in ?

( Surah Al- Nisa )

27. During Hajj number of Faraiz (Duties) are ?

( 4 )

28. Who performed 1st Hajj ?

( Hazrat Adam(AS) and Hazrat Hawas (AS) )

29. First writer of Wahi (Revelation) was ?

( Hazrat Khalid bin Saeed(RA) )

30. How many Ghazwas are described in Holy Quran ?

( 12 )

31. Which city is mentioned in the Holy Quran ?


32. Number of Surahs in last para are?

( 37 )

33. Fateh Mubeen is called ?

Sulah Hudaibiah 

34. Ghar-e-Sor (mount of saur) is mentioned in which surah ?

Al Tauba 

35. Age of Hazrat Noah A.S Was?

( 950 years )

36. Age of Hazrat Adam A.S Was?

( 1000 years  )

37. First Wahi (revelation) was consisted of?

( 5 verses of Surah Alaq )

38. Tomb of Hazrat Abu Ubaida bin Jirrah is at?

( Damascus )

39. Who encourages Hazrat Abu Sufyan to embrace Islam ?

( Hazrat Abbas ( R.A ))

40. Title of Saifullah was attirbuted to whom?

( Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed )

41.Who was the last wife of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH?

(Hazrat Jawaria R.A)

42. What was the number of Muslims at the time of Conquest of Makkah ?

( 10000 )

43. Who was the first Commander of Islamic Army ?

( Hazrat Hamza R.A )

44. Who discovered Hajr-e-Aswad?

Hazrat Ismail A.S  

45. Declaration of Zakat was made in ?

( 2 A.H )

46. Hijri Year was introduced by which companion of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH?

( Hazrat Umar R.A )

47. Who many times prayer in Quran is commanded ?

( 700 times )

48. Which thing is most repeated with Namaz in Quran ?

( Zakat )

49. Tayammum was allowed in?

( 4 A.H )

50. Commandment for Hajj is in which Surah?

( Surah Al-Imran )

51. Youm-ul-Badr is also known as?

( Youm ul Furqan )

52. How many prophets are mentioned in Holy Quran ?

( 26 )

53. How many times name of Hazrat Adam A.S mentioned in Quran?

( 25 times )

54. Which Prophet most mentioned in Holy Quran?

Hazrat Musa (A.S) 

55. How many times name of Hazrat Musa (Moses) A.S mentioned in Quran?

( 136 times )

56. How many times name of Hazrat Jibrael A.S mentioned in Quran?

( 3 times )

57. How many times AHMAD mentioned in Quran?

(1 time – Surah Saff)

58. How many times MUHAMMAD mentioned in Quran?

( 4 times )

59. Which Imam memorized Holy Quran in seven days?

( Imam Muhammad Bin Hassan R.A )

60. Number of daughters of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH was?

( 4 )

61. Number of sons of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH was?

62. 10th year of Prophethood was named as ?

Year of sorrow (Aam ul Huzan) 

63. When Hazrat Muhammad SAW traveled to Taif ?

10th year of Prophethood 

64. Which companion was accompanied with Him when He traveled?

Hazrat Zaib Bin Haris R.A 

65. When first Ghazwa was fought?

1 Hijri 

66. What was the name of First Ghazwa ?

Ghazwa Abwa’a  or Ghazwa Vidan 

67. Where is the grave of father of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH?

Dar ul Nabiga (Al-Madina) 

68. Where is the grave of Hazrat Khadija tul Kubra R.A?

Graveyard of Makkah Maqbarah Hajoon 

69. When Hazrat Muhammad PBUH went to Meraaj who met with Him in first heaven?

Hazrat Adam A.S 

70. Where Hazrat Muhammad PBUH talked to Allah?


71. Hazrat Zaid Bin Harsa was martyred in which Battle?

Battle Mauta 

72. Which surah is called Urose-ul-Quran?

Surah Al-Rehman 

73. Which surah is called the Heart of Quran ?

Surah Yasin 

74. Which surah was being recited by Muhammad (PBUH) at the time of migration?

Surah Yasin 

75. Which surah is called surah Braat?

Surah Toba 

76. Which Sahabi’s name is in Quran?

Hazrat Zaid Bin Haris (R.A) 

77. Which surah is at the name of Female?

Surah Maryam  

78. Which Ayat is called the leader of Aayat?


79. How many Surahs are at the name of Muhammad (PBUH)?

 One (Surah Muhammad) 

80. How many Holy books are described in Quran?


81. In which war most of the Hafiz-e-Quran were martyred?


82. Who solicited Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) for the Tadveen of Quran?

Hazrat Umar(R.A)  

83. Which Sahabi is called Jamia-ul-Quran?

Hazrat Usman-e-Ghani(R.A) 

84. Which is the longest Aayat of Quran and in which surah?

Surah Al-Baqara’s Aayat No. 282 

85. Which Prophet’s story is named as Ahsan-ul-Qasa in Quran?


86. Which Surah of Quran tells about Mehraj?


87. Which Surah tells the modesty of Hazrat Aaysha Siddiqua (R A)?

Surah Noor 

88. Which surah describes Ghazwa-e-Khandaq?


89. What was the first surah revealed in the Quran?

Surah al-Alaq 

90. What was the last surah revealed in the Quran?

Surah al Nasr 

91. What is the first surah of Holy Quran?

Surat al-FatiḼah 

92. What is the last surah of Holy Quran?


93. What is the longest surah of Holy Quran?

Surah Al-Baqara 

94. What is the shortest surah of Holy Quran?


95. Which surah of Holy Quran start without Bismillah?


96. Which Surah has two Bismillah in the Holy Quran?

Surah Naml 

97. What is the second longest surah in the Quran?


98. Which surah is called the beauty of Holy Quran?

Surah ar Rahman 

99. How many Sipara in the Quran starts with Bismillah?

8 Sipara 

100. The Gap between first and second Wahi was ?

6 months 

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