Binance is giving away gift cards worth 10 BUSD each to 100 winners who complete the steps.

Binance P2P Learn & Earn Campaign Quiz Answers!

How To Participate In Binance P2P Learn & Earn Campaign 

1. Like and share our Instagram or Facebook posts.

2. Complete the quiz below. 

3. Comment “Done!” and tag 2 friends in the comments.

100 users who answer all the questions correctly each stand a chance to win a gift card reward worth 10 BUSD!

Binance P2P Learn & Earn Campaign Quiz Answers!

Q1) The holding mechanism that secures your crypto during a transaction in order to prevent scams is called?

Answer: Escrow

Q2) These users have to pick a nickname. They are:

Answer: Makers

Q3) True or False? All merchants are also considered makers. 

Answer: True 

Q4) When you purchase crypto via Binance P2P, to which wallet is it transferred?

Answer: Funding Wallet

Q5) If you are looking to trade in bulk, you would trade with: 

Answer: Block merchants

Q6) The taker fee for Binance P2P users is

Answer: 0%

Q7) True or False? You are a taker if you post P2P ads. 

Answer: False

Q8) The two price types a user can select from while creating ads are: 

Answer: Fixed and Floating

Q9) The act of buying crypto at a lower price somewhere and selling it at a higher price elsewhere is called:

Answer: Arbitrage

Q10) If you are a buyer and you cancel your order, it will affect your: 

Answer: 30d completion rate

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