Instagram is one of the most loved app that almost everyone uses. People are promoting embedded hashtag on instagram and trying to prank their friends by asking them to search this hashtag. 

Why is Embedded Hashtag on Instagram trending so much?

The thing is when you search #embedded on Insta, it will open up a page for you in which you will see all the posts uploaded on the platform with the hashtag. 
But the actual problem with that is if you try to open any of the posts from the #embedded page, instagram will log you out of your account instantly from your mobile. 

Further, the password of your Instagram account will be automatically changed. A message would appear on your phone screen that stating that you have been logged out of your account and that the account owner may have changed the password.

Well, you can recover your account after Instagram logs your account out, you will have to change your password once again to finally recover your account. 

There are many people who are facing difficulty in logging in again but most people are easily getting their accounts back.

This is a glitch on the app and was unnoticed but now has been highlighted by people and is now gaining extreme popularity and is trending. 

There is no effect of the embedded hashtag on users who are using instagram on desktop as this error is only on the mobile version of the app.

This glitch is most likely to be fixed soon by the instagram. 

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