The "teapotuberhacker" user, who claims to be the hacker behind the current Uber attack, published the video to the GTA Forums.

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Fans are really excited to learn more about GTA 6, Rockstar's highly anticipated game. 

Online leaks of Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay indicates that the game's release date might not be far off. The people of Vice City and other issues may be seen in the films, which are taken from a beta version of the game.

A Rockstar Games representative told a Bloomberg reporter that the information was true. Grand Theft Auto 6 has indeed been leaked in public.

Some people have referred to the Grand Theft Auto 6 video leaks as historic. Screenshots from Reddit and Twitter are included in the disclosures. The characters' identities have been made public (Lucia, Jason, and more).

Grand Theft Auto 6 contains the phrase "Time till Cops Dispatched," which alludes to a countdown. The man and his friends can be seen conversing near the pool in another video. 

A "WhatsUp! message received" notification will appear when you get a message from a Rockstar player.

When is GTA 6 Expected to be released?

Large-scale leaks have all pointed to the same event: the launch of Grand Theft Auto 6. Since 2014, there have been numerous leaks and rumours regarding Grand Theft Auto 6.

Additionally, the codename "Project Americas" has been mentioned. There is still no information on the release date of the eagerly awaited game.

It has been predicted that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released in 2025. The hotly anticipated Rockstar game might be released first on consoles rather than PCs. With the use of leaked movies and photographs, you might gain an advantage.

While GTA 6 is trending everywhere and everyone in the gaming comunity is talking about GTA VI, here are some of the interesting tweets about gta 6 leak and reactions by twitter users:

If you want to check out all leaked clips from gta vice city 6 then, you can watch videos on youtube or the below embedded video:


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