The Diamond Program is basically a program design for those users of the website who are loyal and visits the site too much therefore are rewarded for browsing on the site. 

In order to start collecting CoinMarketCap Diamonds, you need to have a CoinMarketCap account — it’s just that easy. 

Make your Account TODAY: Sign Up on CMC

You can start earning Diamonds by visiting CoinMarketCap every day.

coinmarketcap loyalty diamonds program

How to Spend CoinMarketCap Diamonds

Once you have accumulated some CoinMarketCap Diamonds, you will be able to spend them at CoinMarketCap Diamonds rewards store on items like CoinMarketCap merch, NFTs and more.

How to Earn More Diamonds on Coinmarketcap

You can also now earn Diamonds for participating in the airdrops and price estimates — that’s 10 Diamonds for each airdrop, and 10 more if you make price estimates for three different coins! 

This is not a one-time promotion — you can earn Diamonds by participating in airdrops and price estimates once a day!

Also you are able to get free diamonds with the participation in Coinmarketcap Learn and Earn Promotional Campaigns.

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