Complete the below short quiz about Inery Blockchain ($INR) to share 13,600 $INR.

Winners who answer all questions correctly and complete the tasks below will be selected randomly to share the rewards! Don't forget to finish KYC before Oct 06 to claim the rewards.

Scores must be 100% correct to be considered qualified. Take the quiz as many times as you would like to pass.

- You must have a Huobi Account.

If You don't have one, you can create one here:

08:00 Sep 29 - 08:00 Oct 5 (UTC)

Huobi × Inery Blockchain Quiz Answers: 13,600 $INR to share!

Twitter Task

1. Follow @HuobiGlobal and @IneryBlockchain 2. Quote tweet
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Huobi × Inery Blockchain Learn and Earn Quiz Answers: 13,600 $INR to share!

Q1. Inery is a….. powered by Blockchain?
centralized Database Management
fully decentralized Data System
partially decentralized Cloud server

Correct answer

fully decentralized Data System
Q2. Inery is storing?
Micro and Meta Data on Blockchain
on Cloud Server

Correct answer

Micro and Meta Data on Blockchain
Q3. Inery's framework consensus is?
Proof of Equal Stake
Proof of History

Correct answer

Proof of Equal Stake
Q4. The Inery Token is called?

Ans: INR
Q5. Inery is built for?

Web2 and Web3
none of that

Ans: Web2 and Web3

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