Learn about the Ethereum Merge and complete the quiz, and you can get the Ethereum upgrades series NFT after scoring 80 points or more.

Please note: There are a total of 8 quizzes, 7 of which are learn and earn, and 1 is use and earn.

                                  Ethereum: An open-source platform

Activity period: 2022/09/27 15:00 - 2022/10/16 15:00 (SGT)

1. What is the biggest throughput bottleneck for Ethereum?

Reach consensus

Transmit data through the network

Transaction validation [ Correct Answer ]

Security of the network

2. Which of the following descriptions about the bottleneck is true?

Each transaction needs to be executed by all nodes in the network

Only when the validation succeeds can nodes reach consensus on the transactions and the block.

Since the throughput is capped by transaction validation speed, the TPS of a network could not stand at 1000 even though it can reach consensus on 1000 transactions per second.

All of the above [ Correct Answer ]

3. Which of the following descriptions about separating transaction execution from consensus is false?

This is one of the ways to improve the throughput of Ethereum

After separating, the validator node needs to execute the received transactions [ Correct Answer ]

After separating, PoW miners or PoS validators can focus on reaching consensus on data

After separating, the validator node only needs to check if the transaction initiator has enough balance to pay for inclusion of the data of his transaction

4. Which of the following descriptions aboud Shard Chain is false?

The blocks of Beacon Chain will include information about the blocks of each Shard Chain

When Beacon Chain validators reach consensus on blocks of BC, they also reach consensus on that of Shard Chain

Shard Chain will become a chain that holds Rollup's transaction data

Rollup does not need to pick out its own transactions from the Shard Chain blocks to execute [ Correct Answer ]

5. Which of the following descriptions aboud Rollup is false?

With the right order, the current state of Rollup can be calculated by anyone.

Transaction execution is not truly separated from the process of reaching consensus for Rollup

Rollup's transactions are meaningless to Layer 1

The Layer 1 validator is responsible for adding the Rollup transactions into the block and executing them. [ Correct Answer ]

6. Which of the following descriptions about different Rollups is true? (more than one choice)

They all rely on Layer 1 security to ensure the order of transactions [ Correct Answer ]

They interpret data sequentially based on their own protocols [ Correct Answer ]

They execute transactions based on their own protocols [ Correct Answer ]

They have the same protocol design

7. After the transaction execution is separated from the consensus, which node can tell me how much ETH I can get for 300 USD on Uniswap?

Rollup node [ Correct Answer ]

Layer 1 node

Shard Chain node

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