Learn about the Ethereum Merge and complete the quiz, and you can get the Ethereum upgrades series NFT after scoring 80 points or more.

Please note: There are a total of 8 quizzes, 7 of which are learn and earn, and 1 is use and earn.

                                  Ethereum: An open-source platform

Activity period: 2022/09/27 15:00 - 2022/10/16 15:00 (SGT)

1. Which of the following descriptions of Ethereum upgrades are false: (more than one choice)

The Ethereum upgrades were initially called "ETH 2.0" or "Serenity”

After The Merge, the gas fees for transactions are cheaper [ Correct Answer ]

Upgrades make the Ethereum network more scalable, secure and sustainable

After The Merge, the transaction speeds are faster [ Correct Answer ]

2. The common staking solutions currently available to participate in ETH staking inlucde___ ? (more than one choice)

Self-run node [ Correct Answer ]

Fully custody [ Correct Answer ]

Custodial staking pool [ Correct Answer ]

Staking-as-a-Service custody [ Correct Answer ]

3. The advantages of PoS over PoW mechanism are: (more than one choice)

PoS can reduce energy consumption [ Correct Answer ]

PoS can reduce the threats of coordinated attacks, such as the 51% attack, thus improving security. [ Correct Answer ]

PoS can reduce network congestion

4. imToken has full support for ETH staking and staking-as-a-service custody with ____.


InfStones [ Correct Answer ]



5. After The Merge, the ETH staking APR may reach

4% or so

7% or so [ Correct Answer ]

20% or so

6. When did Vitalik Buterin release the Ethereum merge roadmap?

July 2021

October 2021

December 2021 [ Correct Answer ]

July 2022

7. Vitalik said that the Ethereum upgrades would consist of five phases, namely, _______. (more than one choice)

The Merge [ Correct Answer ]

The Surge [ Correct Answer ]

The Verge [ Correct Answer ]

The Purge [ Correct Answer ]

The Splurge [ Correct Answer ]

The Hurge

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