Learn about the Ethereum Merge and complete the quiz, and you can get the Ethereum upgrades series NFT after scoring 80 points or more.

Please note: There are a total of 8 quizzes, 7 of which are learn and earn, and 1 is use and earn.

                                  Ethereum: An open-source platform

Activity period: 2022/09/27 15:00 - 2022/10/16 15:00 (SGT)

1. imToken now has full support for key generation on the beacon chain and _________ with InfStones.

stake from home service

full custody service

custodial staking pool service

staking-as-a-service custody [ Correct Answer ]

2. Which statement is false about staking-as-a-service custody?

Users don’t need to worry about node operation and maintenance

Users can maintain ownership and control of their staked assets

Users need a high level of expertise [ Correct Answer ]

Users can get stable revenue

3. You need at least___ETH to participate in the staking-as-a-service custody provided by imToken and InfStones.




32 [ Correct Answer ]

4. When can you unstake your deposited ETH?


After The Merge

2023 or later [ Correct Answer ]

5. Which of the following statements is true about staking-as-a-service custody?

Once the mnemonic is lost, the deposited ETH and rewards cannot be retrieved

The transaction needs to be confirmed on the Beacon Chain

When the validator is activated, its status will show "active"

All of the above are correct [ Correct Answer ]

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