Learn about the Ethereum Merge and complete the quiz, and you can get the Ethereum upgrades series NFT after scoring 80 points or more.

Please note: There are a total of 8 quizzes, 7 of which are learn and earn, and 1 is use and earn.

                                  Ethereum: An open-source platform

Activity period: 2022/09/27 15:00 - 2022/10/16 15:00 (SGT)

1. What type of staking service does Rocket Pool offer?

Decentralized exchange

Decentralized lending

Decentralized perpetual contract

Decentralized staking [ Correct Answer ]

2. As a regular staker, you should stake at least ___ ETH.



0.01 [ Correct Answer ]


3. As a node operator, you should stake at least_____.

16 ETH

32 ETH

16 ETH + some RPL tokens worth 1.6 ETH [ Correct Answer ]

32 ETH + some RPL tokens worth 3.2 ETH

4. After staking ETH with Rocket Pool, you’ll get _____.




rETH [ Correct Answer ]

5. Which description of the characteristics of Rocket Pool is correct? (more than one choice)
It mainly serves regular stakers and node operators [ Correct Answer ]

Node operators need to maintain and manage their nodes for a long time [ Correct Answer ]

Regular staker can redeem their staked ETH through Rocket Pool [ Correct Answer ]

Regular stakes can swap rETH for ETH through DEXs such as Uniswap [ Correct Answer ]

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