Internet of Things solved MCQs

Terms SSL and TLS stand for:

a. Secure Socket Layers and Transport Layer Session

b. Secure Socket Layers and Transport Layer Security

c. Secure Socket Layout and Transport Level Session

d. Session Socket Layers and Transport Layer Session

Which one out of these is not a data link layer technology:

a. Bluetooth


c. WiFi




Which transport layer protocols is used by DHCP?


b. TCP


d. UDP



Which layer is called a port layer in OSI model:

a. Session

b. Application

c. Presentation

d. Transport



What is a firewall in computer networks:

a. A system designed to prevent unauthorized access

b. A web browser

c. The physical boundary of network

d. The Network Operating System


Standard port number for secure MQTT is:

a. 1883

b. 8000

c. 8883

d. 8888


Router operate at ............ layer of OSI reference model?

a. Layer 2 (Data Link)

b. Layer 3 (Network)

c. Layer 1 (Physical)

d. Layer 4 (Transport)



Each IP packet must contain:

a. Only Destination IP Address

b. Only Source IP Address

c. None of Above

d. Source and destination IP Addresses



Which one of this is not a networking device:

a. Router

b. Switch

c. Bridge

d. Traffic Analyzer


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What is the standard length of MAC address:

a. 16 bits

b. 32 bits

c. 48 bits

d. 64 bits



What is the use of Ping command:

a. To know network speed

b. None of the above

c. To test a host on the network is reachable

d. To test storage device


Is CoAP a IETF standard?




What is Secure Shell (SSH):

a. A router

b. A firewall

c. A network protocol

d. Python Shell



What does VNC stand for:

a. Various Network computers

b. Virtual Network Computing

c. None of the above

d. Virtual Network Communication



What is the purpose of bin directory in Linux environment:

a. Contains essential device files

b. Contains essential binary commands

c. Containing configuration files

d. Contains user home directories



What is Inter Integrated Communication(I2C):

a. An application layer protocol

b. A networking communication protocol for multi-master support

c. An OS for distributed network communication

d. A cellular communication protocol



How many wires does SPI protocol use:

a. 2

b. 3

c. 1

d. 4



What does LTE stand for:

a. Long Term Errors

b. Long Term Evolution

c. Lengthy Terminal Estimation

d. Long Term Estimates


Bluetooth 5.0 promises:

a. 4x Speed, 2x Range, 2x Data

b. 6x Speed, 3x Range, 3x Data

c. 2x Speed, 4x Range, 8x Data

d. 3x Speed, 4x Range, 8x Data


Which one out of these is not LPWAN technologies:

a. SigFox

b. WiFi

c. NB-IoT

d. LoRa



Frequency band used by 802.11 ah standard is:

a. 60 GHz

b. 2.4 GHz

c. Sub 1 GHz

d. 5 GHz



Fuzzy Logic is a form of:

a. Hexa state logic

b. Two-valued logic

c. Binary set logic

d. Many valued logic



_________ involves predicting a response with meaningful magnitude, such as quantity sold, stock price, or return on investment.

a. Summarization

b. Clustering

c. All of the mentioned

d. Regression



Which of the following  language is preferred for IoT analytics ?

a. Python

b. S

c. R

d. All of the mentioned



Which one is simplest form of analytics

a. Predictive

b. Descriptive

c. All of the mentioned

d. Prescriptive



The method by which companies analyze customer data or other types of information in an effort to identify patterns and discover relationships between different data elements is often referred to as:

a. Customer data management

b. Data mining

c. Data digging

d. None of the above



A collection of lines that connects several devices is called ..............

a. Bus

b. Cable

c. Power line

d. Transmission Line



A start bit in UART communication is always:

a. 1

b. Neither of these

c. 0



Machine learning is

a. The selective acquisition of knowledge through the use of manual programs

b. The autonomous acquisition of knowledge through the use of manual programs

c. The selective acquisition of knowledge through the use of computer programs

d. The autonomous acquisition of knowledge through the use of computer programs



HTTP resources are located by

a. unique resource locator

b. unique resource identifier

c. none of the mentioned

d. uniform resource identifier



What is the TCP name for a transport service access point

a. none of the mentioned

b. node

c. pipe

d. port



A Denial of Service attack is:

a. Connection flooding

b. Bandwidth flooding

c. All of the mentioned

d. Vulnerability attack



A packet sniffer is

a. Active receiver

b. Both of the mentioned

c. Passive receiver

d. None of the mentioned



IPSec provides security at:

a. Physical Layer

b. Network Layer

c. Transport Layer

d. Session Layer



WPA is a security mechanism in

a. WiFi

b. Cloud

c. Bluetooth

d. Ethernet



Network topology with a central hub or switch is

a. Mesh

b. Token ring

c. Star

d. Token bus



Internet domain name and hostname are translated into IP address by

a. Domain name system

b. Domain name database

c. Router

d. Domain information system



Which protocol allows user at one site to establish connection to another site and pass keystroke from local to remote host:

a. Telnet

b. FTP

c. IP



Is MQTT a Standard?




How many times setup function runs in Arduino IDE:

a. None of the above

b. 10

c. 2

d. 1



How many times loop function runs in Arduino IDE:

a. 4

b. forever

c. 1

d. 5



What error occurs when you execute?

x = abc

a. NameError

b. SyntaxError

c. ValueError

d. TypeError



PWM stands for:

a. None of the above

b. Pulse Width Mode

c. Pulse With Modulation

d. Pulse Width Modulation



Raspbian is:

a. Assembler

b. Language

c. Compiler

d. OS



CGI stands for:

a. Common Gateway Interest

b. Common Gateway Interrupt

c. Common Gate Interference

d. Common Gateway Interface



MQTT is:

a. Based on client-server architecture

b. Based on publish-subscribe architecture

c. Based on both of the above

d. Based on none of the above



What is the access point (AP) in wireless LAN?

a. none of the mentioned

b. wireless devices itself

c. both (a) and (b)

d. device that allows wireless devices to connect to a wired network



In wireless ad-hoc network

a. none of the mentioned

b. access point is not required

c. nodes are not required

d. access point is must



Which multiple access technique is used by IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless LAN?




d. none of the mentioned



Which is the correct operator for power(x^y)?

a. x^y

b. x^^y

c. x**y

d. None of the mentioned



What is WPA?

a. wi-fi protected access

b. wired process access

c. wired protected access

d. wi-fi process access


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The answer of 2+3L is:

a. 5.0

b. 5L

c. 5

d.  Error



An interconnected collection of piconet is called

a. micronet

b. scatternet

c. mininet

d. none of the mentioned



In a piconet, there can be up to _____ parked nodes in the net.

a. 511

b. 63

c. 255

d. 127



Secure shell (SSH) network protocol is used for

a. remote command-line login

b. remote command execution

c. all of the mentioned

d. secure data communication



The network layer concerns with

a. bits

b. frames

c. none of the mentioned

d. packets



Ethernet frame consists of

a. none of the mentioned

b. IP address

c. both (a) and (b)

d. MAC address



What is internet?

a. interconnection of local area networks

b. a vast collection of different networks

c. a single network

d. none of the mentioned



DNS database contains

a. hostname aliases

b. hostname-to-address records

c. all of the mentioned

d. name server records

IANA stands for:

a. Internal Assessment Numerical Access

b. Internet Association Numbers Authority

c. International Aid for Network Automation

d. Internet Assigned Numbers Authority 

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