Season 14 of Kon Banega Crorepati (KBC) has started on 7th August 2022 while people can also play KBC play along every day at 9 pm Indian time to get a chance to be on the hot seat.

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You can also play along and win cash prizes or other rewards every day. 

KBC has a Daily Quiz as well that can be played daily to increase points to increase rank on the leader-board

It also has KBC Pari Match Quiz that can be played daily to get more points to increase rank on the leaderboard. 

How To Play KBC Play Along Quiz & Win Cash Prizes!

1. Download the Sony Liv app.

2. Open the app, Sign up & log in to your account, and search for the KBC Quiz banner.

3. Tap on the daily quiz option and play daily to add more points to your score.

4. 100 points will be added to your account for every correct answer, upto a maximum of 1000 points daily.

5. You can check the prizes that you have won in the ‘my earnings’ section.

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers - KBC Quiz Answers Today - 25th Sept 2022!

Q1. Which of the following cricketers is not a fast bowler?

A. Mohammed Shami

B. Mohammad Nabi

C. Mohammed Siraj

D. Mohammad Amir

Answer : Mohammad Nabi

Q2. How many years are there in a millennium?

A. 1000

B. 10000

C. 100000

D. 1000000

Answer : 1000

Q3. Which of the following is the principal language of Cuba?

A. French

B. Turkish

C. German

D. Spanish

Answer: Spanish 

Q4. Cardiology is the study of which of the following body parts?

A. Brain

B. Heart

C. Kidneys

D. Liver

Answer: Heart 

Q5. Which of the following stars is closest to Earth?

A. Polaris

B. Alpha Centauri

C. Sun

D. Sirius

Answer: Sun

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