MetisDAO is an Ethereum Layer 2 rollup platform. It aims to address Ethereum's transaction speeds, cost, scalability and affordable storage.

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Metis is an open protocol and the Metis Andromeda network is open to any developer or team that wants to launch a DApp, token, or any other kind of project on our EVM-Equivalent platform. Some of these projects may also choose to incorporate the Metis name into their own. However, Metis does not support or endorse any of these DApps, tokens, or projects, unless specifically indicated by MetisLabs Foundation and its team members.

Use Cases:

  • DAO
  • DAPP
  • DEFI 2.0


To accelerate the transition of people to blockchain for open, fair, and decentralized business on Web 3.0.


To create an easy-to-use technical and organizational platform, making blockchain accessible to everyone, empowering both personal and professional lives.


Metis is a decentralized economy platform to start, run, and grow any decentralized app, business, and community on the blockchain with ease and scalability.


Metis is extremely undervalued as of now, with these type of use cases Metis can definitely fly to the Moon sooner or later. The fundamentals of Metis are very good therefore this is a solid project to keep an eye on. Therefore Price Prediction for Metis in the long run is expected to be $1000, previously metis has marked an all time of $323 according to Coinmarketcap. We can expect this project to cross its previous all time high as the ecosystem grows, the next bull run starts and in short more good news comes in the way of crypto. However, it is always your investment so be sure to ensure due diligence before investing in any crypto project.

Where to Buy?

You can Metis from both Decentralized as well as Centralized exchange as it is available on both. Metis is avialable on Ethereum as well as BNB Chain so you can also buy this token on Pancakeswap on low transaction fees.

Currently, metis is available on OKX, Kucoin, Uniswap and many more. You can keep a track of Metis Price as well as full availability on Coinmarketcap.


Is Metis integratable to my existing website/ app/ business/ platform?

Yes, we can integrate with your existing platform without you moving or changing any of your code.

Is Metis compatible with Ethereum EVM?

Yes, as a Layer 2 solution, Metis is compatible with Ethereum Layer 1, and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Is Metis ready for market?

Yes, we launched our Andromeda Layer 2 mainnet on November 19.

Is Metis too good to be true?

It may appear so, yet it’s true. It’s not too good, just really really really good.

Why Metis?

1- Low-cost TX (Starting end of Q1 with launch of Metis storage layer, gas fees will drop to just cents

2- Fast TX speed, faster than your web browser can process!

3- Builder Mining Program: 30% of all TX revenue kickbacks go to partners via Builder Mining

4- No-code middleware

5- DAC infrastructure will enable ANY company in the WORLD — blockchain or non-blockchain, to form a decentralized business on our network

6- Fully decentralized/community-governed as of Q3

How long does the integration take on Metis Layer 2?

Depending on the smart contract stack involve, integration onto the Metis Layer 2 network will often take less than a day, thanks to our EVM-equivalence

What is the Metis Builder Mining Program?

Metis kicks back 30% of the transaction revenue it collects every month to the DApps deployed on our Andromeda Layer 2 network.

Why an Optimistic Rollup instead of a zK Rollup?

Optimistic has general EVM computation that Zk Rollups do not. In addition, zK Rollups currently create a “walled garden” effect, making it difficult for many developers to launch their DApps. By contrast, Optimistic Rollups such as Metis enable developers to integrate in a fast, cheap, and easy manner, thanks to EVM Equivalence.

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