Binance is launching the Auto-Invest Quiz on 2022-10-03 09:00 (UTC), where users can gain knowledge about Dollar-Cost Averaging and Auto-Invest.

The first 40,000 new Auto-Invest users who successfully confirm their participation and complete the quiz during the promotion period, will be eligible to each receive a free Auto-Invest BNB monthly plan for five months.

Binance Auto-Invest Quiz Answers - Auto-Invest BNB Monthly Plan!

Promotion Period: 2022-10-03 09:00 (UTC) to 2022-10-24 23:59 (UTC)

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Before submitting the quiz, make sure to click the [Join Promotion] button on the activity page to successfully participate in the promotion.

How to Get Started:

Learn About Auto-Invest & Complete a Quiz to Receive an Auto-Invest BNB Monthly Plan!

Auto-Invest BNB Monthly Plan Survey - Learn & Earn Survey Answers

1. Auto-Invest enables users to buy crypto on a recurring basis. What investment strategy is applied?

One-off buying
Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)
Buying the dip

2. John bought $10 worth of BTC per week  for the past 1 year for a total of $520. His purchased  BTC is now worth $474. What is the most accurate statement?

John’s portfolio is profit making
John’s portfolio is loss-making
John’s portfolio is profit/loss neutral

3. After purchasing crypto via Auto-Invest, where will the funds be stored?

Funds will be added to the users' spot wallet
Funds will be subscribed to users' funding wallet
Funds will be subscribed to simple earn products

4. Binance has recently launched the Auto-Invest Hourly Plan feature. What is the shortest cycle at which users can purchase crypto?

1 hour
3 hours
4 hours

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