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Q1) Tribal ecosystem is a Blockchain-powered ___ rails for emerging market businesses.

Answer: financing and payment

Q2) What type of customers is Tribal targeting?

Answer: SMB

Q3) Who is the financial intermediary at DeFi?

Answer: There is no intermediary. The smart contract automates all transactions.

Q4) According to the International Finance Corporation, emerging market SMBs have an unmet need for ___ in financing every year.

Answer: $5.2 trillion

Q5) What products are part of the Tribal Ecosystem?

Answer: Tribal Visa Card, Tribal Pay, Boomerang Rewards, Tribal Crypto-powered lending

Q6) How many percent of the tokens were sold at the public sale?

Answer: 3.68%

Q7) What network is the TRIBL token using?

Answer: ERC-20

Q8) What tool is used for the Tribal underwriting scoring system?

Answer: AI-powered credit scoring algorithm

Q9) What is the total supply of TRIBL tokens?

Answer: 1,000,000,000

Q10) How much did Tribal raise on hybrid debt round in January 2022?

Answer: 40 million including 20 million from Stellar Development Foundation

Q11) What is Boomerang Rewards?

Answer: Boomerang rewards is Tribal’s blockchain-powered rewards program. It is the world’s first loyalty program that uses tokens to reward SMBs and startups for their business spend

Q12) What blockchain rails Tribal Pay uses to make frictionless, low-cost cross-border transfers?

Answer: Stellar

Q13) What is Tribal Pay?

Answer: Tribal Pay is Tribal’s worldwide money movement tool for non-card payments to merchants, suppliers, and employees

Q14) What percentage is charged for the maintenance and use of Tribal Cards?

Answer: 0%

Q15) How much gross transaction volume has Tribal Credit processed since its founding?

Answer: 400 million

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