You can win €9 in 1inch tokens by answering the quiz questions, you’ll find all of the quiz answers here.

Revolut 1inch Token Learn & Earn Quiz Answers!

Revolut Lesson 1 Answers: Decentralised exchanges

1. Who facilitates an exchange on a DEX?

Ans. No one. The exchange is made peer-to-peer

2. Which of the following is a decentralised exchange?

Ans. Uniswap

3. What does DEX stand for in crypto?

Ans. Decentralised exchange

Revolut Lesson 2 Answers: How does 1inch get the best prices?

1. What is the name of 1inch’s price search algorithm?

Ans. Pathfinder

2. How does 1inch fond the best price?

Ans. 1inch aggregates trade options across DEX platforms

3. Which of the following is not a feature of 1inch’s Pathfinder?

Ans. Provide directions to your destination

Revolut Lesson 3 Answers: DAOs and governance

1. Which of the following is a characteristic of a DAO?

Ans. Decentralised

2. Who can vote on 1inch proposals?

Ans. Users who stake their 1INCH tokens

3. What is an example of a proposal that 1inch DAO members could vote on?

Ans. Allocating treasury funds for a particular proposal

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