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In this report is about United Airlines (UAL). With over 1,000 air flights in the United States per day, many people hate United Airlines for the way it treats customers. The Chicago-based Airline has been in hot waters since 2016 when the management forcibly evacuated a Passengers from an overbooked Flight. The video of the incident went viral and Generated so much Hatred for the company that people called for the boycotted airline. Its market value dropped over the incident and it has not really bounced back since then, but analysts said the company had been facing difficulties long before then. Despite the efforts of the CEO to get the airline back in the good books of the masses, the company continues to struggle at the bottom of the scale in terms of customer service and satisfaction. This is one airline that many Americans would wish to see disappear from the American airspace. 


There are 10 other members of your department, and they come from diverse backgrounds. You were promoted from within and have many friends in the department. Some of them do not do their jobs properly, or well. Overall, the department is a mess, with a large number of problems - unhappy customers, poorly-performing staff, bad attitudes. As the new supervisor, getting the full corporation of the team would require drastic changes if the members do not prove themselves that they are capable of doing their job properly. For those who refuse to follow my lead, I would have to talk to them personally to understand the reasons for their insubordination. I have been working in the department for ten years with excellent performance evaluations, so in terms of skills required for the job, there should be no issues. My superior, most likely the manager will be evaluating my performance on a monthly basis. 

Rebuilding the department 

I would start by falling back to the basics. I would plan a short 1 day training session which would be compulsory for everyone to attend. The training would include all the necessary theory of customer service and practical training sessions to replicate a real life scenario between customer and our team. Everyone will be evaluated and if necessary, additional 1 to 1 coaching conducted by me will improve the team overall customer service performance. 

The Chicago-based airline has been in hot waters since 2017 when the management forcibly evacuated a passenger from an overbooked flight. The video of the incident went viral and generated so much hatred for the company that people called for the airline to be boycotted. This incident is a total disaster for the company’s reputation. 

To rebuild the customer trust in the company will take a lot of time and money. The focus here is customer support so the marketing department is irrelevant in this case study. There are several ways to reach out to customers who defected and win them back. I would suggest to contact them directly and offer a steep discount for their first booking.


As mentioned earlier, a company’s reputation is pretty much dependent on social media and marketing nowadays. Hence it is crucial to always maintain a positive vibe among the online community if we were to improve our company’s reputation. For all communication, proper industry standard guidelines are to be followed. Given today’s connectivity, social media and live chat is definitely most of the utilised communication methods and perhaps a smaller percentage will still prefer direct calls to the company. For internal communication, a more direct approach is required and the boss will still probably prefer a live meeting in office. 

Managing Diversity 

The previous supervisor was disrespectful to women and minorities, which caused some distrust toward management. He was also incompetent and generally disliked. Employees were generally happy about his firing, but a few remain his strong supporters and feel he was dismissed unfairly. There are some hard feelings. I would abide by the standard zero tolerance towards discrimination policy In most workplaces. To be frank, there is no need to prove myself because my intentions are good for the company and earning employees’ trust is all about the team performance and rapport among the team members


I believe that there should be no particular order, meaning that the steps to improve overall customer support performance, should not be done one after the other. In fact, to improve efficiency and effectiveness, the team should be spilt up to take responsibility for the divided tasks so that more can be accomplished in the same time frame. Things that may cause a delay or problem to our customer support improvement could be those team members who refuse to follow my lead and I would have to talk to them personally to understand the reasons for their insubordination. If necessary, they will be dismissed and replaced with new members who will do their jobs properly. The success would be greatly influenced by the team strength and as well as the budget allocated by the boss. More capital allocated to our department would mean more support staff to attend the customers who contact us.

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