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You take one of the three heads and circumscribe a deep incision around a bisecting plane perpendicular to the front of the face. Carefully peel the head apart while leaving the brain intact (sort of like an avocado).

Next, take one hemisphere of this head and meticulously graft each feature onto one of the fully intact heads— another eye in the forehead, an extended wide mouth, another nostril, etc. Repeat with the features from the other severed head-hemisphere and remaining intact head.

Discard the brain from the original dissected head. Incorporating it into the newly synthesized heads is just way too complicated. This is math, not neurosurgery.

Finally, just go ahead and forcefully shove one apple into the swollen, surgically expanded mouth hole of each of your two new heads and help them to chew by forcing the franken-jaw closed and open until all apple remnants are either swallowed or have fallen entirely out of the mouth.

Good luck! This is (as of 2017) the only proven mathematical solution. Note that the problem gets excessively difficult when there are fewer heads than apples.


tl;dr: split one of the three heads and mash it together with the others so you have two heads. two apples, two heads—problem solved.

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